Opinion : Please Ladies, Have Mercy On Guys


A man almost had an accident this afternoon while he was lustfully looking at a half naked lady.

I discovered that most of the motor accident are caused by ladies who dress to kill!!

And most drivers who can’t control what they see become victims because men are move by what they see.

A driver can miss his way because he sees a seductive lady that is about to cross the road!! I think that driver needs a counselling.

On a serious note, God has blessed we ladies with beauty inside and out. It’s not necessary for us to reveal our body or portions of it to seduce men.

Put some clothes on, don’t give room for rapists! Don’t put on wears that make men start lusting after you!

Clothes that expose your breast and pants can send some guys to hell!!
It is nice to be attractive but dangerous to be seductive.

Dress nice, it’s your heart and personality that matter.

I wish some ladies know that dressing immodestly is really a stumbling block for guys.

Some ladies wear extremely tight clothes and it actually turns guys off.

Ladies need to dress attractively, not to be lust magnets!

I wish ladies would try to attract men with their godly character, integrity and not just with their looks.

Author : Salifu Mariam


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