Corruption allegation hits UDS 1st female SRC president’s administration


Information reaching indicates that injunction has been placed on the handing over ceremony of the Students Representative Council (SRC) of University for Development Studies (UDS) Nyankpala Campus slated for September 4.

According to our highly placed source, the injunction is as a result of corruption related issues to have been perpetrated by the SRC president, Miss Zeinab Mohammed Denderi.

“The First Female SRC President’s administration is the most corrupt ever SRC administration in the history of UDS”, an anonymous student said.

The source further said students were happy, jubilated and celebrated to the zenith over the election of a first ever femal SRC president for UDS Nyankpala Campus.

They believed her rise to the highest office of the students’ body would bring some joy, comfort and ease to the students’ accounts.

But, her administration given them a reason to regret ever supporting her bid, because her office is alleged to have spent students’ moneys on executive allowances than any other SRC administration in history, failed to account for huge sums of moneys, while faking receipts and other documents to embezzle money belonging to the students.

The SRC administration has failed to furnish the General Assembly and other bodies with a comprehensive audit report due to the fact that there are moneys unaccounted for, forgery and untraceable documents and payments.

Attempts to reach Madam Mohammed Zainab Denderi at the time of filling this report proved unsuccessful.

Below is the statement of court injunction on the handing over ceremony:


University for Development Studies,
Nyankpala Campus.

Tel: +233 (055) 193 2242

UDS – NYC 3rd September, 2020.

The Incoming President,

Student’s Representative Council,

University for Development Studies,
Nyankpala Campus.

Dear Sir,


The judiciary board of the student’s representative Council of the University for Development Studies writes to place an indefinite injunction on the scheduled handing over ceremony of executive power after receiving a letter from the leadership of the General Assembly of the institution with the following allegaionss:

a. That the dissolution of the General Assembly as stipulated in Article 17 hasn’t been exercised.

b. The General assembly leadership received the official report of the Audit committee today 3rd

September, 2020 and would have to exercise Article 50 clause (11) and Article 50 clause (12).

c. Under article 70 TRANSITION OF OFFICE clause A (i) and Clause A Functions (i)

The General Assembly speaker is stipulated to be a member and chairperson for the team which

was nullified as the General Assembly speaker was not notified for the proceedings.

d. Excluding all these claims, the General Assembly/Leadership has not received any report as

mandated by Article 70 TRANSITION OF OFFICE (FUNCTION ) clause (x) and (vi).

e. The General Assembly house has not been informed officially about this event, hence liable to take their certifications of work done serving the house.

The judiciary board has therefore placed an indefinite injunction on the ceremony for the handing over of executive power of the University for Development Studies to until a court hearing is held for the plaintiff and and a verdict made.

I count on your usual co-operation.

Thank you.

Source :


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