Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

In the sight of every child their parents or primary guardian are the gods of their conscience since they are the spotless image of purity.

This means even before truth is well translated the error of prejudice and the sin of presumption is already embedded in us and our only redemption for objectivity is having a parent or guardian whose value for truth is more valuable than life itself. Such is the mind that was fed with stories about history.

Based on the teller our objectivity is either heightened or we become subjective as the tellers themselves. Sadly that is the history we learned about you which is the worst gift society gave our generation. Society failed to give us permission to judge for ourselves your story reasons and the obvious.Being raised in a home that had so much hatred for your beginning I watch your life journey change each member to defend your honor with the same passion they hated you with.

Those are the truths many wouldn’t even notice because whiles others saved their minds from the corruption prejudice, others invested in a hatred that became hereditary and lived to blind the innocent generation of your truth and the beauty of your growth.

Its often said that in war the necessary evils that needs done for the greater good is often the brunt of the general and such is your story. For a generation that now enjoys your vision we became victims of the hatred of our fathers and failed to inherit your sense of patriotism. What a loss to us!

Your story should have been better told as you embodied the true mark of leadership. For many you were the best example of pride but for some you were a scorn.Yes we have missed your wisdom and ideals because we were robbed, our values have now been priced and available by the best bidder and sadly we smile thinking this was way better than for your offer of patriotism.

The scars of history was inflamed forgetting many were needful for the freedom we have come to enjoy today.
Your dreams were well expressed in the man you became and lived with the home you created and the life seen by all.To the flame bearers I hope you can rest now the coals are wet, please rest easy. To the scarred, I think you can now breath the debt is finally paid a life for a life. For the loyalist his only rest would be the evidence of patriotism displayed on daily basis as your tribute to his legacy.
To us, a sad generation we can only get the books of history from all nations to understand the part of history we were told whether in truth or in prejudice so we better value the rights we enjoy now, not to change your perception of his legacy but to be better guided on the representation of truth.

Sadly many would smile more than frown but now he can sleep well saving everyone the rest of the mind.

RIP Sir…….. You did more for me than I could get the chance to say thank you.

You live well Although short…

Columnist : Leatrice Naa Kwarley Richardson

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