Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Residents of Katani, a suburb of Gushegu constituency in the northern region have complained of politicians, especially, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary candidate, Lawyer Hassan Tamapuli prioritizing party pavilions over education.

The people said this when they were speaking to in the community over what they described as “neglect” by politicians to address their concerns over the years.

According to them, the NPP parliamentary candidate has raised structures for almost all the electoral areas in the constituency for the party youths, when he could spend such monies to renovate the ripped off classroom blocks therein.

“It has been four (4) years since the roofs of our classroom blocks have been ripped off by storm, and nothing is done about it. If not for the COVID-19, the world would have heard of us. Because our children are not using the classrooms. Not only that, there are no furniture in the classrooms too. They are virtually empty”, one the residents, identified as Banla Cheso said.

“The NPP parliamentary candidate has raised pavilions here and all other electoral areas. We asked them to use the money to roof the classrooms for us, but, they didn’t listen to us. We wish they could renovate the them before the elections on December 7”, he added.

The people also said their market stores are in a bad shape and outmoded, making it difficult for products to be stored.

They said the nature of the structures are that, even when it is raining, business women can not seat there, because the structures are leaking, and the market turns muddy.

“We are also calling on government to construct nice market structures for us. The thatch ones are outmoded. They leak anytime it rains. And our women can not store their items there”, they pleaded.

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