Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

A former journalist with TV3, Bridget Otoo has accused her former colleagues with the Media General, for allowing their political coloration to cloud their sense of judgement.

Bridget Otoo who used to host New Day on TV3 took to her Facebook page to run her former employers down over the their role in the just ended elections results.

“I know how hard the reporters and presenters at TV3 work, hence it’s infuriating when senior managers use their political leanings to influence decisions”, she wrote on Facebook.

“If you want to do politics, leave the newsroom and join us! Do Better TV3”, Bridget added.

Per the results gathered by TV3’s Elections Command Center, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) won 149 parliamentary seats, giving them clear majority over the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

“We can say, for sure, that based on this (projections by Elections Command Center), the breaking news coming through now, 149 for the NPP and 126 for the NDC. In the parliamentary. The parliamentary. Parliamentary results. Come through in all 275. We can make that projections here, on your Elections Command Center”, the station concluded.

But, according to the certified results by the electoral commission, the governing NPP had only 137 and NDC having 136, with 1 won by an independent parliamentary candidate, leaving Sene West constituency “outstanding”, bringing the total number to 275.

This has angered some section of Ghanaians, with some saying they will never watch TV3 again.

Yesterday, December 14, the Tamale Central Constituency Member of Parliament elect, Ibrahim Mohammed Murtala took the station on on their own platform, calling on the management to sack people for “throwing the station’s credibility to the dogs”.

Meanwhile, the Media General has released a statement on the comments on Facebook. Read it full below!

For Immediate Release: 14th December 2020


We have observed comments on social media and other media on Tvs and Media General’s coverage of the results on the 2020 elections, particularly on projections of seats won by political parties in the pariamentary elections.

We wish to state that all the projections we made on the number of parliamentary seats by the parties were based on the information we had received at a particular time.

The projections which were made were not in any way intended to be the definitive results of the elections. It must be noted that the projections were changed from time to time as we received new information, which were analyzed.

Our election coverage was not intended to favor any political party or candidate and any contrary perception is deeply regretted. We take this opportunity to assure our audience and other stakeholders, inciuding political parties, of our continued commitment to provide balanced and impartial reportage.


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