Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Kuami Eugene has recounted how his father decided not to invest in him anymore because he was stubborn as a child.

The highlife artiste narrated the story in his interview on ‘Restoration With Stacy.

According to him, he was so stubborn that his father vowed to no longer invest in him.

“I was super stubborn. I was raised in Fadama so my level of stubbornness was high. You need to be a very tough man to be able to handle me. You need to be someone who never gives up to be able to handle me. I don’t blame my dad sometimes. Perhaps he just couldn’t handle me anymore.”

He mentioned that it was the love and art of his mother that kept him grounded.

Kuami Eugene explained that he perfectly understood the decision of his father.

“She means a lot to me. I owe her whoever I am today. She had to go through a lot to put me here and I had to learn a lot from her. The difference between my mum and myself is she had to strive without money. I got the opportunity to get close to certain people who helped to get me on higher ground.”

“I saw her hustle. She had to make sure I had the best schooling, she nursed me well. She did some proper nurturing. My dad was around… My mum would make everything possible.“She went to her friends to borrow GH¢1000 so I could write my final exams. She had to do four jobs a day to make things happen. We were four kids. With my other siblings, my dad was supporting but he wasn’t supporting me. He stopped supporting me when I was in JHS because I’m not the kind he thought would bring something better home.“He thought it’d be my other siblings. The whole family was clever but it looked like I was clever but had gone to chase something else. I’m too stubborn… My dad lost hope in me when I was very young. I was like 13. He told my mum he was tired and won’t invest even GHc1 in me.” He recalled.Source :

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