Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

This release seeks to do just one thing; to throw light on the above headline which trended in certain quarters yesterday and to kill any intended mischief whatsoever.

The TolonProject which began in early 2017 was the sole idea of the MP Elect of Tolon, Alhaji Habib Iddrisu who thought it wise to give back to his fatherland by way of seeking their mandate to represent them in Ghana’s legislature.

This he thought, will give him the opportunity to bring much needed development to his people. Gradually, as days go by and months flipped, the people understood the course our Honorable MP was seeking and joined in throngs.

Up until December 7, executing the TolonAgenda has been the collective efforts, sacrifices of individuals who bought the vision Alhaji SoYaLaNa has and campaigned day and night , in rain or shine, at dawn and dusk until “ the last straw of the camel’s back “was” broken “ with the historic thumping victory of the New Patriotic Party in both the Presidential and parliamentary elections.

It will however be misleading to say the least after all the toils, trials or tribulations endured by the people of the constituency to achieve this enviable feat, that a story in the media will attribute the success to an individual.Dr Anamzooya is a fine brain. A gift for the people of the Tolon constituency and we are proud of his enviable successes.

But categorically, he didn’t intervene in Tolon in the last days to save the NPP from losing the Tolon seat. Secondly, the Tolon NPP constituency was never divided between faction lines and victory was all too visible for pundits. So no one needed somebody to bring any factions together.

The constituency was up until the elections one of the most united constituencies in post- primaries election in the country and solidly united behind our father, our savior, our SoYa- Lana and our talk and do MP until he expectedly delivered us victory.We hope this will put to rest any attempts by any individual or group of people to claim the credit for what Alhaji Habib Iddrisu took on as a personal project.

He personally financed the party from the grassroot level up to the top. Equipped the party structure with all needed logistics and vehicles. He supported women and youth groups with start up capitals, sponsored students , connected over 12 communities to the national grid , gifted over 300 sewing machines to Tailors and distributed over 2,500 street lights bulbs across the constituency.

About 7 communities benefited his mechanized borehole initiatives and the list go on and on.Alhaji Habib Iddrisu as humble and modest as he is , does not for once ever say he solely won this election despite the overwhelming amount of resources he rolled out. Individuals who assisted in various forms and are worth mentioning will be done in due course.

Together we shall build the TolonProject.

Long live Alhaji Habib Iddrisu So- Yalana

Long Live Tolon NPP!

Long Live Our MP!

Issued :

Tolon Young Patriots,

Lincoln Warris – President,

Mandeiya Ziblim Hafiz – President,

Imran Alhassan – Vice President,

Thank you!

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