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The New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Zabzugu constituency have spoken for the first time since the declaration of their 2020 parliamentary candidate, John Jabaah
Bennam as winner by Electoral Commission at the end of the polls, emphasising that Mr. Jabaah won the elections “convincingly”.

This was made known in a press conference by the NPP constituency executives on December 22, 2020 in the constituency to “put an end to several misinformation” over the elections results since the declaration.

According to them, it was due to insecurity at Zabzugu that the decision was taken to send the remaining ballot boxes to Tamale for declaration, adding that they candidate was not declared in a hidden place.

Read the narration below :


Good morning party faithfuls and friends in the media fraternity.
The Zabzugu Chapter of the New Patriotic Party is pleased to have you here upon a short notice. This is the first official press engagement the constituency executives have decided to hold to give clarity on matters regarding the conduct, collation and declaration of the just ended December 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections in the Zabzugu Constituency of the Northern Region.

Over the past few weeks, days after the official declaration of the Parliamentary results by the Electoral Commission of Ghana in favour of the candidate of the New Patriotic Party Hon. Jabaah John Bennam, there has been several attempts to change the narrative by a group of NDC persons who have lost credibility when it comes to results collation.
It is worth observing that our candidate and MP elect won the 2020 elections convincingly with a vote margin of 2,949 between him and the NDC candidate.
Ladies and Gentlemen, our task here this morning is very simple but critical one.

We have assembled here in the supreme interest of the constituency and the constituents to put an end to several misinformation out there that there was something untoward regarding the collation and declaration of the Zabzugu Constituency Parliamentary and Presidential results at the Regional Collation Center as same was done for the NDC in the Savelugu constituency at the Regional level.

Members of the press and compatriots present here today, the facts of the matter are that, after the close of polls on the 7th December, 2020 a constituency collation was set up by the Returning officer for the constituency at the Assembly hall of the Zabzugu District Assembly where Collation started at about 11:00pm on that faithful election day and continued till the following day at about 2:30pm when 45 polling stations out of the 81 were done with 35 polling stations outstanding as a result of disagreements among the two major political parties; thus NDC and NPP. The disagreements continued since the losing party (NDC) had issues with virtually every pink sheet at the collation center. Whiles this was going on our collations at our party office indicated that the NDC had lost both the presidential and parliamentary elections. This made them to raise concerns unnecessarily with everything but the EC boss bemoaned that the pace at which the collation was going it was very slow and edge all the parties to try and resolve whatever grievances we had smoothly so that we can finish the presidential collation and begin with the parliamentary.

The parties then agreed, not too long then the MP’s senior brother by name Alhaji Mohammed Umar also known as ‘Charlie’ stood up and said “We had information that you have been directed by the District Chief Executive to declare the results and am sounding this warning to you, if you dare declare the results, Zabzugu will burn. He continued by saying that we will turn Zabzugu upside down and said you are playing with your life. He tends to Dagbani and remarked it by saying that is not only one woman who gives birth to a stubborn child’’
More so, Alhaji Mohammed immediately directed the NDC team to pack their computers so that they leave and true to that they left but the NPP Constituency Organiser who was part of the NPP party’s collation team told them ‘‘before you walk out, remember we will continue with the collation so we can get a declared result for our Regional and party Headquarters’’ but they never cared. As soon as they walked out, it was not up to 5 minutes then they brought the defeated MP on a motor bike amid his supporters in a jubilant mood. They jubilated for a while and left. Another group arrived and started pelting stones at the District Assembly Hall where the collation was taking place.

They broke some razor blazes of the window in that dastardly act.

Following the insecurity nature, the Military arrived to save the situation. We told them we want to continue with collation but the security insisted it wasn’t safe. They asked the EC staff what should be done then they replied “our lives are in danger and so we need an escort to Tamale”.

They packed their computers and all materials and left for the Regional collation center.

Ladies and Gentlemen, at the Regional collation center the NPP candidate and agent followed because vigilance of the ballot was our core principle in winning the parliamentary and presidential elections having campaigned on our record.

The Regional Director of EC upon hearing from one of the Deputy Returning officers quickly instructed for a table to be set for the continuation of the collation from where the collation stopped in Zabzugu.

The two parties were informed through their representatives at the Regional collation center who were representing the NPP and the NDC for the constituency summary collations.

The NDC from Zabzugu slept on the job by refusing to police the collation pink sheets to the Regional center. Indeed, the NDC representative at the Regional center was invited to witness the collation but he came briefly and left the scene leaving the NPP agent from the constituency and our candidate together with the Regional IT coordinator and Deputy Regional Secretary who were at the Regional collation center joined to ensure complete vigilance of the entire process. It is therefore not true that the results were declared at a hidden location in Zabzugu as portrayed by the NDC.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it will interest you to note that the law that regulated this very election that is C.I 127 (Public Elections Regulations, 2020) stated under regulation 37 (Appointment of counting agents and counting of votes) which states that ”A candidate for parliamentary elections MAY appoint a counting agent to attend at the counting of votes at each polling station in the constituency which the candidate is seeking election” the key word is MAY not Shall or Must so it’s not compulsory if you decide to wave your right to be represented either at a counting or collation as was seen at the National collation when the NDC agents decided to deliver a very important message than representing their party for the rest of the collation. They are always quick to exhibit incompetence at all levels.

It would be recalled that in 2012 elections this same Alhassan Umar refused to sign the parliamentary summary sheet when he was again defeated with a margin of 1,087 votes by the current MP elect. Again in 2016 when he won with a vote margin of 157 the current MP elect Signed the summary sheet. Copies are attached here for your verification.

It must be noted that anytime the NDC is losing an election. they always refuse to sign and that has been their trademark.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are calling on the NDC to come clean on their collated results as against the EC collated results and stop that defeat antics of creating a state of insecurity in Zabzugu and peddling falsehood to the entire world. The Presidential results were also declared at the Regional collation center but the NDC doesn’t seem to have problems with it, again the Savelugu Parliamentary seat was also declared at the Regional collation center without the NPP representation in favor of the NDC but the NDC seems to be comfortable with that one too; how different are those ones and what has changed in the case of the Zabzugu Constituency?

In conclusion, the NPP has again won the parliamentary seat for the second time since its separation in 2012. For the avoidance of doubt the NPP got 17,580 votes whiles the NDC got 14,631 votes with 774 votes as rejected. Our target was 20,000+ but we got this which gave us convincing win. Anybody who feels cheated should use the right process and stop disturbing the peace in Zabzugu.

Once again congratulations to all NPP fraternity for this hard work in winning back our seat. We shall keep the media updated on all issues as we call for fair reportage from the media on matters relating to the Zabzugu

Long live Zabzugu
Long live Ghana
Long live the NPP

Imoro Hudu
Constituency Secretary

For interviews call
Haruna Mohammed 0208282758

Neindow Abdul-Rahaman 0243824075

Imoro Hudu 0201645682

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