Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

I just don’t know why today’s nothern breed are very wicked to their own. Unlike our fathers who pulled each other long.

Today’s northerner wants to see his brother coming to him everyday to beg for help, he may be in a capacity to help you to be self sufficient. but, but , he will not or never do it. Enjoys seeing his own coming to kiss his ass, begging for help always, that gives today’s northerner the joy of having wealth or power.

Most successful northerner today would tell you, they made it through another race/tribe not their own who had the opportunity to help them.
Today’s northerners sees their own useless in capacity building , especially when having power.

I have always advised most northerners to explore more with other race for opportunities than their own.

Abu a friend of my in Kumasi. Very successful businessman has always told me, today’s northerners are like family, but very good long distance. If you know, you know.

I have come to also understand , why successful northerners opens up and support other race/ tribes than their own. Look around you. You would see that successful northerners gives helping hands or opportunities to others race than their own. Because of today’s northerners attitude or pull him down . Trying to find out how one made it .

The only tradition or qualities some today’s northerners still keeps is, Trust in serving other race/ tribe well
Even northerners developing our own areas has been very slow when given the opportunity to lead or holding office . The wicked mind set of today’s northerners baffles my imagination sometimes .when you hear, let’s get ride of him before he takes over.

Before he becomes some body to challenge us soon. Who is he to be given this opportunity. He doesn’t respect me to be allowed given this opportunity.

Today’s northerner would want to be the only financial helper/ power broker to all northerners in Ghana, than helping to have or creating more in other regions, constituencies, towns and districts.

Well, I am a proud notherner, but not proud of our attitude towards our own.

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