Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

The outgoing Mayor for the Tamale Metropolis, Iddrisu Musah, a.k.a Musah Superior has reminded the people of the Tamale that he is no more interested in the job, even if he remains unemployed under the second (2nd) term of president Akufo-Addo.

His comments was necessitated by rumors going round that he is vying for the position to remain there for the next four (4) years, and a statement shared by the NPP Tamale South Constituency secretary confirmed it.

According to him, he has served the Metropolis and the people of Tamale very well by his standard, and he prays the president will get another hardworking party person to come and play his part, hoping that his successor will perform better than he did.

It is not clear why Mr. Superior does not want to remain in the position, but prefers being unemployed than working as Mayor.

But, can report that there were policies he initiated during his time to sanitize the Metropolis, which failed because he could not get the needed cooperation from his party, traditional and religious leaders in the area.

Read below in full, what he wrote:

Tamale Mayor “Contest” Wahala!

Yesterday, a friend contacted me to say that, he heard rumours that l am still interested in the job as Tamale Mayor.

I beg, count me out oooh. I have done my part for my city for 4 years. It has been challenging and exciting. I have moved on. Six months to the elections, l announced on a number of radio stations in Tamale that, l will stand down as Mayor after the elections. I stll stand by that. I won’t continue with the job; even WITHOUT A NEW JOB in this new government. It is important other local hardworking activists of our Party are given the opportunity to serve in the role. Who knows; may be, they will do a better job to address the challenges of the city.

Good luck to all the aspiring Mayors.

Let’s all serve the NPP to our utmost best wherever we find ourselves.

Good morning.

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