Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

Former Spokesperson for the late former President of Ghana Jerry John Rawlings, Victor Smith has expressed regret that he was not able to reconcile with his former boss before his demise last year.

He revealed this in an exclusive interview with Joy News following the death of the former president, when he was sharing moments he had with him, while alive.

According to him, Mr. Rawlings “shouldn’t have died now”, because he could still get opportunity to explain to him why he took certain decisions that affected their relationships.

“He was a good man. In fact, he was a bad man to some people too. In fact, he was bad to me at some point. But, he was good man. He wanted others to leave better lives as well. So when he talked about social justice and other things, he was looking for people to leave well”, Mr. Smile observed.

“He would confide in me in so many things how to approach things. I don’t think he should have died now. I was always hoping I would make up with him again and I would be given opportunity to explain certain actions of mine. And I am sure he would have respected that. Unfortunately God knows best”, he regretted.

On June 4, 2017, the late president Rawlings explained why he fired his former personal assistant, indicating that ambassador Smith wanted to divert funds to then candidate Mills’ campaign team in 2008 which was meant to pass through his office as founder of NDC.

According to Mr Smith, the late Rawlings fired him because he (Mr Smith) supported late Prof John Mills’ choice of Mr John Mahama as running mate at the time, against the wishes of the Rawlingses.

But, presenting his side of the story in Wa at the 38th anniversary of the 4 June 1979 uprising, Mr Rawlings said, “I used to have a secretary called Victor Smith; we fell out. It wasn’t so much because of disagreement over John Mahama and yet that’s what he’s touting. And yet I guess he like a few of us who want to be president have stepped back being promised, of course that he will make them running mates, I presume.”

“Listen, why did I turn against this boy called victor smith?” the former military ruler asked. “He (Mr Smith) was my Secretary. Some Nigerians invited us to the USA – I had left office – to come and give a talk and commission some business for them. We went. When we returned, subsequently – months or how many years later – when Prof Mills was our flag bearer, then this Nigerians decided to help, so, they were dealing with my office, Mr Victor Smith. Now I subsequently heard about it because there was a to-and-fro over this money, contribution issue till somebody finally called me that this is what is going on: ‘They know me, they want to give me the money and I can pass it on, not give it to Victor Smith and Victor Smith is saying that: ‘no, he would take it to the prof, [because] I’m not the one who is going to be the candidate,’ blah blah blah blah that type of rubbish. So, they come out through somebody and said: ‘This is what is going on.”

Mr Rawlings continued: “Eventually, the contribution did not even come. It did not come. I did not receive any contribution from them, through Mills, through Smith, or directly through the person who came to see me also and I don’t believe that they sent it to Mills and I don’t believe that Prof Mills received any money from that place because I think they got fed up with the way this man was behaving.”

“And yet, when the time to pour poison on me started, this secretary of mine was telling the world on radio stations that contribution was coming for a certain nationalistic duty and he had stopped it and diverted it to the flag bearer. In other words, he had stopped it from coming to me. I was disgusted that this guy would make up such a story. And you know the one who angered me the most? Our Prof Mills who knew the truth but kept quiet for this poison to burn me – I was fraudulent,” Mr Rawlings complained.

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