Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Youth Groups belonging to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) within the Tamale Metropolis have accused the Northern Regional executives of the party of doing little to improve their lives during the first term of the President Akufo-Addo, emphasising that they failed the party and the president too.

The group made these allegations at a press conference in Tamale to drum home their concerns with regards to the manner in which the Chairman Samba led team handled them over the last four (4) years.

“Ladies and gentleman, the Nana Addo administration upon assumption of office in 2017 started the implementation of policies such as the Nation Builder’s Corp (NABCO), Forestry guards, planting for food and jobs just to mention but a few to mitigate the unemployment situation in the country that the government inherited from the John Mahama led NDC administration”, the group said.

“It will interest you to know that these job opportunities created by government to help the unemployed youth have gone into wrong hands as far as northern region is concerned due to the unconcern attitude of our regional executives. They sat ideal and watch those opportunities sold to people who are already on government payroll. Assuming been unemployed and you asked to cough out Ghc.500.00 to be given NABCO or Forestry guard. These were the predicament of some NPP youth in the region, the opportunities were sold to people who could afford and since majority of the youth cannot afford, there were left out even though they qualify to be employed under these programs”, they added.

The youth also alleged that the executives made it difficult for non executives to get contract, and those who managed to get were swindled of their monies.

According to them, their leaders were much interested in awarding the contracts to themselves, which resulted in their inability to win more seats for the party.

“Ladies and gentlemen, on the issue of awarding of contracts to themselves, it is a known fact that the executives do collaborate with officials in charge of the awarding of contracts to award same to themselves. It has become increasingly difficult for non-executives to secure contracts”, they disclosed.

“Even known contractors in the region who fall within the youth brackets are not getting it easy when it comes to award of contracts, if you are not prepare to cash out their 10 percent to them then forget getting a contract. Sometimes last year we had a bitter encounter with the Tamale central constituency executives when they met us to deliberate the way forward for election 2020”, they added.

The NPP youth however believed the executives from Savannah and Northeast Regions outperformed their counterparts in the Northern Region.

“Ladies and gentlemen, have you come to think of why the regional executives lead by chairman Samba have not been able to fulfill their own promise of adding 6 parliamentary seats to increase the tally of seats from 9 to 15 in the region? Whereas their counterparts in the Savannah and North East regions made some gains in the 7th December 2020 election, they are stuck to the previous number of seats held by NPP in the region. They Savannah region moved from 1 seat to 3 seats whiles the North East region moved from 3 to 4 but northern region maintained the same number of seats. The executives wilfully failed to increase the number of seats in the region”, they concluded.

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