Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Northern Regional New Patriotic Party (NPP) first vice chairman, Alhaji Iddrisu Sunday has reacted to allegations that he is surreptitiously campaigning against his boss, Chairman Mohammed Bantima Samba reelection, on tribal grounds.

He responded to this “wicked and naked propaganda” in a statement sighted by on Sunday, January 7, 2021, following some social media comments on the matter.

“My attention has been drawn to a wicked and naked propaganda on social media that “ I go around making claims that chairman Samba is not a Northerner and a Dagomba and for that matter he should not be re-elected for the second time should he seek for reelection, and that I’m an Ewe from the Volta region”, the statement said.

“I wish to state unequivocally that nowhere have I made such statement, and that those wicked allegations should be treated with the contempt that it deserves because the allegations are unfounded and aimed at injuring critically my integrity and persona”, it added.

The NPP first vice chairman also used the opportunity to pooh-pooh the rumours making round that he is not a Dagomba man, but, an Ewe from Volta.

“Also, let me add that I’m a proud Dagbana who hails from this region and has no relations or family ties with Ewes. My family houses both paternally and maternally are at Kukuo and Changli respectively”, he played-down the gossip.

According to him, tribal bigotry is dangerous, and must not be entertained by anyone within the political arena, and anyone with tribal mentality should be against mercilessly.

He calls on the supporters of the NPP in the area to let their actions be a source of help to for president Akufo-Addo to make positive impact on Ghanaians, rather than making it difficult fur him to deliver.

“Tribal bigotry has no place in our politics and We should all stand against anyone who wishes to play the tribal card to gain favors. We have worked tirelessly to give H.E Nana Addo a second term in office and our focus should be on how to help him deliver and not to destroy each other because of an internal contest that we might not even live to witness. The believe that politics is dirty doesn’t mean we should dance to that tune. We can be politicians and be decent at the same time”, Alhaji Sunday concluded.

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