Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Farouk Awal, known in the Tamale music industry as Fawal has refuted long standing claims that drugs had slowed his progress in music.

The young rapper in an interview on the ChopDaMic competition in responds to a question by the host, Jarule De Baron which sought to clear rumors about the long standing allegation, the tensed Fawal said that drugs have not affected his musical career rather the rumors peddled about his abuse of drugs caused him.

“Drugs have not affected me neither have they slowed my progress in music, rather it is the rumors about it that caused my career” he said.

Fawal also explained that those bad rumors peddled against him pushed back potential people who were available to support him.

“Because of those rumors people that intended to assist me financially were discouraged which resulted into that unwanted break I took” he added

Fawal is currently among the 8 finalists of the ChopDaMic competition, he however took the opportunity to seek votes from fans and followers alike to help him win the ultimate prize of the competition.


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