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Some supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Kumbungu constituency that also serves as a district have appealed to the president, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo to disregard any form of lobbying to maintain Mr. Abdul Fatawu Hamza Salam as District Chief Executive (DCE) for the area.

The supporters who described themselves as concerned youth of NPP in the area, made this appeal in a release copied to, citing “divide and rule”, “neglect of party executives”, “mismanagement of funds meant for campaign” among others as their reason.

According to the group, the NPP could win the seat for the first time, if the DCE who was the party parliamentary candidate for the 2020 elections eschewed his self-sabotagging attitude during the campaign.

Read their full statement below:

DATE: 10/02/2021


Dear Madam,


First of all, we wish to congratulate His Excellency, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo on his successful campaign and eventual win of the presidential elections which was conducted on 7th December, 2020. The Parliamentary Candidate for the 2020 elections, who doubles as the District Chief Executive; Honourable Abdul-Salam Hamza Fataw also deserve some commendation for putting up a good fight albeit disorganized campaign.

Like all other constituencies in the Northern Region, the results as declared by the Electoral Commission in Kumbungu Constituency was very impressive for both Presidential and Parliamentary elections for the just ended elections. This performance was largely due to the pro-poor policies that have been implemented or are being implemented by Nana Addo led NPP government. We however hold the view that NPP had all it takes to win the seat for the first time if the Parliamentary Candidate (who doubled as the DCE) had not turned DEAF EAR to the rank and file of the party.

The following are some of the reasons why we believe he failed the party and therefore ought not to continue to stay in office for the second term of NPP government.

Neglect of some Constituency Executives: Constituency officers like first vice chairman, Secretary, Organiser, Youth Organiser, Deputy Youth Organizer, Deputy Organizer, Research Officer, Financial Secretary and Deputy Nasara Coordinator were deliberately left out in the campaign. Their only crime was that they supported his main contender Lawyer Umar Abdul-Hamid in a keenly contested NPP primaries. To the DCE/PC, there was absolutely no point in ‘trusting’ someone who did not see the need for him to become PC. Efforts from the Regional Executives to ensure the PC works harmoniously with the Constituency Executives proved futile.

Divisive Campaign:
As a Parliamentary Candidate (PC), he failed to bring on board all his supposed opponents including those who contested with him in both DCE position and NPP Parliamentary Primaries. To make things worse, this attitude was extended to the polling station levels. For instance, one week to the polls, a rally was held at an area (Badaria E/A Primary) where a polling station organizer was unaware even though the venue for the rally was in front of his house. His mantra was that he does not need a structured plan to win the elections.
It is worthy of note that as PC, Honourable Fataw treated the following personalities with disdain. Even when those people made efforts to support the campaign with all their WILL and MIGHT, the PC would not recognize any of them. These personalities include:

i. Immediate past Constituency Chairman and Regional Campaign Member; Mr. Issahaku Imoro Jamal.
ii. His main contender in the 2019 Parliamentary Primaries; Lawyer Umar Abdul Hamid.
iii. 2008 Parliamentary Candidate; Mr. Alidu Binda Talhat.
iv. 2012 Parliamentary Candidate; Mr. Abdulai Mohammed Saani.
v. Former Constituency Organiser; Mr. Osman Abdallah.
vi. Former Constituency Secretary; Mr. Umar Fahim
The above personalities had to mobilise their own resources to campaign. Throughout the campaign Hon Fataw never recognised these individuals even when they were visible supporting his bid to win the seat and to maximise the presidential votes.

Fictitious Campaign Team:
As PC, he only managed to inaugurate constituency campaign team when Regional Executives brought pressure on him to do so. Thereafter, the campaign team went into hibernation. The campaign team never met (not even once after the campaign launch) to discuss the way forward for the party. Surprisingly, one of his main contenders, Lawyer Hamid donated two motorbikes to him to support the campaign but this did not change his attitude towards him. Former PCs and former Constituency officers were all ignored.

Campaign Funds and resources:
Winning the seat was so dear to then Minister for Business Development (Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal) so much so that whenever the PC ‘coughs’ for him to do anything he would respond positively without hesitation. Two months into the elections, the minister handed over about 84 android phones to the DCE/PC for onward delivery to communicators. Surprisingly, as at 13th December, 2020 the PC was yet to handover the phones to their rightful owners. Not only that items like motorbikes, soaps, sanitizers, party t-shirts, jerseys/footballs and tailors were yet to be distributed as at 13th December, 2020 when elections were over.

Hatred for NPP Assembly members:
He extended his hatred to ‘NPP assembly members’. This became conspicuous when two assembly members; NPP Constituency Youth Organiser and NPP Constituency Organiser became candidates (on different occasions) for Presiding member position. To our dismay, the PC/DCE worked against the two who stood on different occasions. Rather, Hon fataw supported an NDC contender who eventually won the presiding membership position.

The appointment of Honourable Abdul-Salaam Hamza Fataw as DCE was a welcoming news to the rank and file of the party since he had served the party for three consecutive terms. It was therefore not surprising that the assembly members gave him hundred percent confirmation. The bickery and suspicion began in 2018 when constituency executive elections were being organized. Instead of the DCE playing fatherly role, he fielded every position with his ‘boys’. Unfortunately for him all his favourites lost.
As a good leader, one would have thought that he initiates steps to reconcile his differences with the entire executives. Instead, he chose to insist on his prerogative of POWER. One will not believe that as District Chief Executive, Hon Fataw never held a meeting with his Constituency Executives. Long before he became the PC, the constituency executives invited him for a meeting on three different occasions but all were turned down for ‘lack of time’.

His indifferent attitude continues till when it was time for constituency parliamentary primaries. He expressed interest with two others namely; Lawyer Umar Abdul-Hamid and Sulemana Abdul-Rauf. Since human being is a rational creature, the constituency executives whom he considered his ‘enemies’ decided to give their support to lawyer Umar Abdul-Hamid. The District Chief Executive (Honourable Abdul-Salaam Hamza Fataw) eventually won the primaries. He then became the Parliamentary Candidate (PC) who doubled as Distirct Chief Executive (DCE).

Characteristic of Honourable Fataw, his indifferent attitude continued even after he had become the PC. This time, he decided to neglect his own party people and rather was concentrating so much on our opponents. Of course, like he (DCE) always intimated, for NPP to win we needed NDC supporters on board. We however believed that NPP could also not win with total disregard to our ‘own people’. This seeming ‘neglect’ of party supporters was noticed in the early part of the campaign but he turned DEATH EAR to advice that came from anywhere. At some instances, then Business Development Minister would personally intervene. Indeed, Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal did a yeoman’s job. For instance, some two months into the elections, Dr. Awal called Lawyer Hamid to thank him for his donation of motorbikes and also called on him not to leave any stone unturned to ensure victory for His Excellency NanaAkufo Addo and Hon Fataw. The minister also called 2012 parliamentary candidate urging him to also intensify his campaign towards victory for Nana and Fataw. Whiles Dr. Awal was reaching out to major stakeholders to support the campaign, Honourable Fataw was distancing himself from them. In fact, it was so bizarre that he will not pick such people’s calls not even his main contender’s call.
As a concerned youth of Kumbungu District, we believe that for a party to win both Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in any constituency, the following requirements ought to be met:

i) The constituents must see government projects having beem executed or being executed.
ii) There should be adequate funding of campaign activities.
iii) The attitude of the PC must be appealing to all.

It is worthy of note that the first two requirements were largely successful. The latter was/still abysmal. Indications are that Honourable Abdul-Salaam Hamza Fataw is never ready and willing to change his indifferent attitude. We therefore call on the APPOINTING AUTHORITY to nominate a person who can UNIFY the rank and file of our party in the Kumbungu District. Nominating a different person other than the status quo will also save the APPOINTING AUTHORITY from embarrassment since assembly members will reject him if nominated.

Whiles we recognise the fact that this year’s performance has been impressive, it is our conviction that the kind of resources that were injected into the campaign were even more impressive. With the greatest of respect, let no one be deceived into thinking that Hon Fataw has what it takes to win the seat. He squandered a golden opportunity and must not be allowed to squander a second opportunity.

For the avoidance of doubt, honourable Abdul-Salam Hamza Fataw is a divisive leader and does not deserve a second term in offfice. His ONLY motivation to want to be retained is nothing but to show his own party supporters ‘WHERE POWER LIES’. In any event, Honourable Fataw is not the only one who toiled for the party.

Finally, we wish to thank Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal for the massive support he extended (both financially and personally) to his home constituency. We congratulate Dr. Awal and wish him Allah’s protection and guidance throughout his new role as Minister Designate for Tourism, Arts and Culture.
Long Live NPP!
Long Live Kumbungu District!!
Long Live Ghana!!!
Please, find attached names and signatories to this petition.


Issahaku Yamusah.


The Vice President Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

The Local Government Minister Designate,

The National Chairman – NPP,
General Secretary – NPP.

The Northern Regional Minister Designate.

The Northern Regional Chairman – NPP,
The Constituency Chairman – NPP

Minister Designate for Tourism,

Arts and Culture.

The Danquah Institute.

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