Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality – Warren Bennis

The Member of Parliament for the Lambussie constituency in the Upper West Region of Ghana, Hon.Dr.Yelviel Baligi has already set the ball rolling with his parliamentary work as he donates several sewing machines and hairdryers to support the underprivileged and persons with disability in his constituency as part of efforts to cushion the socially excluded and persons with disability in the constituency. This, he remarked, is part of his agenda to ensure social inclusion for the underprivileged and the needy in the constituency through employable skills training.

Mr.Salifu, a leading beneficiary of the donation who spoke on behalf of his colleagues, was electrified with joy and expressed his profound gratitude for the kind gesture as he prayed fervently to God Almighty to increase the Hon.Memeber of Parliament in knowledge and give him the sense of direction and blessings in his relentless and endless quest to addressing the numerous challenges facing the constituency.

In the same development, he further remarked, that if all his predecessors had tackle the numerous problems facing the constituency this way as he skillfully seem to have mastered, it wouldn’t have been in its current deplorable state of melancholy and tattered penury, deprivation, poverty, high level of illiteracy, teenage pregnancy among others. To this end, he advised the Hon.Member of Parliament to keep up with his unwavering commitment in resolving the plight of his constituents as they shall reward him for his good works.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Hon.Member of Parliament, Hon. Dr.Yelviel Baligi reaffirmed his unwavering commitment and tenacity to addressing the plethora of challenges; including but not limited to teenage pregnancy, insecurity, poverty, high level of illiteracy and unemployment among the teeming youth facing the constituency which have been left unattended to in the past years.

This, he said could be achieved through youth empowerment, skills development, education and increased productivity in the agricultural sector as he urged his constituents to shoulder the Nana Addo led administration as the government remains focused in delivering the key promise made to Ghanaians.

In a related development, the Hon.Member of Parliament also recently embarked on a “Thank You Tour” with a twin purpose of thanking the people for voting massively for him during the December,7th 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections and also to reassess the magnitude of the problems faced by the constituency and to see the way forward through a round table discussion with his constituents.

Indeed,a practice that left the chiefs and people of the constituency in utter surprise, yet visibly excited because it was the first of its kind a Member of Parliament won elections and remembered to return to thank them for their kind gesture.

Be that as it may, the Hon.Member of Parliament expressed his profound gratitude to the constituents for reposing the confidence and trust in him to push the developmental agenda of the constituency.

As if that was not enough, through this tour, he took the opportunity to resource the District Police Station of the Ghana Police Service with Air Conditioners. The District Police Command could not hide his joy as he expressed his profound gratitude to the Hon.Member of Parliament for attending to their needs upon request.

Source : Bassing .A.M.A.Kamal

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