Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Some supporters of the National Democratic Congress NDC in the Bono Region, where the NDC’s Sammy Gyamfi comes from have condemned what they described as “attacks” from various communication bureaus emanating from Asawase, Tamale South, and Nadole Kaleo constituencies.

In a press release on Sunday, February 7, 2021, signed by three (3), the youth have responded to a number of issues, including his V8 land cruiser car, adding that he has worked with reputable companies, such as Exton Cubic and Engineers and planers to enable him buy a car.

They also dare their colleagues from the 3 constituencies to compare the NDC’s 2020 elections results from the various regions to see which leader helped the party garner more votes and seats in their regions, stating that Sammy did far better.

Read the full statement below:


The attention of the concern NDC members from the various Bono Regions have been drawn to write-ups purported to have emerged from the various Northern Regions and the Ashanti Region(Asawase Constituency), using unpleasant words on our asset, Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi. In exercising our duty as party faithfuls we choose not to add salt to injury by throwing unnecessary jabs at our Superiors but to act candid and justly.

First of all, Sammy Gyamfi is a hardworking young man who had worked in reputable Companies and Metropolitant Assemblies and had earned remarkable respects for all the people he worked under. He worked at the Kumasi Metropolitant Assembly, Exton Cubic and Engineers and planers, just to mention a few.

It is rather unfortunate to ask the young man in a write-up about how he managed to buy a Toyota Land cruiser in response to his write-up which was a constructive criticism on some group of people, whom for some reasons resuscitated the anger calmed by the minority group in Parliament on January 7, 2021. We wish to reach out to the authors of such write-ups that throwing verbal stones and personal attacks to entice their paymasters is an avenue to heightening political tension and a recipe for disunity which could damage the future of the great NDC.

You pride yourselves of being loyal to the NDC but reduced the number of seats NDC had from 6 to 3 in the Savannah Region. In the Northern Region too you failed to secure majority seats. The question is, where lies your loyalty if you can’t convince your own people to vote for a candidate of your choice? In fact, those leaders who came out with such vexatious write-ups must bow their heads in shame as their abysmal performance is making NDC lose its popularity in the Northern Regions.

For the records, the Region Sammy Gyamfi hails from i.e, the Bono Region, which the NDC in 2016 had only one seat but managed to secure 6 out of 12 seats in 2020 making it an unprecedented achievement. Sammy’s loyalty to the grassroot is enormous and we love him for not shielding the truth but spoke the minds of the people which every leader in the party failed to point out.

For quite some time now NDC has produced leaders in every Region who has worked towards the success of the party in so many ways and indeed yielding good results. We can talk of Hon Eric Opoku, Hon Alhaji Collins Dauda and some Regional Executives in the Ahafo Region. In the Bono Regions we can talk of Hon Ahmed Ibrahim, Hon Nyamekye Marfo and young guys like Sammy Gyamfi, Eric Adjei etc. In the Bono East Region we can also talk of Hon Emmanuel Kwadwo Agyekum, Hon Kwabena Donkor, Hon Unas Owusu etc.

These personalities are indeed making NDC gain grounds in the various Bono and Ahafo Regions and deserves remarkable commendations. NDC is persistently losing grounds in the Northern Regions, what could have accounted for this trend? Is it because your leaders are dormant and not interested in pursuing the needs of the people or is it a deliberate attempt to conspire with the NPP to take over the Northern Regions? We would be happy if you respond to these questions with the supersonic speed you used in replying Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi’s write-up.

If it is your wish to tarnish the name of our young brilliant brother and make him unpopular with frivolous allegations, then we have no option than to instruct our brother not to contest any portfolio to pave way for your candidates to contest and to bring out the best in them to win the heart of the youth. Our brother suffered to get to where he is and we will not allow the selfish interest and your unsubstantiated write-ups end his career.
Sammy is not a timorous soul and we the youth in the Bono Regions are proud to have a brother who will always standby his people no matter the Challenges they are faced with.

May the NDC never produced timorous souls who cannot recognize how their people suffered and take actions that will comfort the family of the victims who lost their lives in the Techiman South Constituency, Banda Constituency and other Constituencies. May we never produce leaders who cannot stand by the People who stood firmly against armed military men during the registration exercise and may we never produce timorous souls who would predetermined the betrayal of the grassroot for their selfish interest.
In conclusion, we reiterate that, we are not interested in throwing verbal stones to entice anyone in the NDC but our ultimate goal is to see that the people who sacrificed a lot to make sure the party succeeds begins to realised that their efforts are not fought in vain but was prolific. Let sleeping dogs lie and let peace reign. May the Almighty God bless the MP’s in the Bono and Ahafo Regions for their hard work in making NDC popular in the Regions.

Long Live Bono People!
Long live the NDC!
Long live Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi!


Yaw Baah Akyereko
Ameyaw Hene
Kyeremeh Yeboah

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