Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Abubakari Sadiq James messaged me through my inbox on an issue of hernia which a young boy at his early age is suffering from. According to him, he is a teacher who is stationed at the KUSAWGU D/A Primary School and have observed this boy for long.The poor boy condition has affected him academically as he hardly goes to school because his colleagues makes fun of his predicament. And so the teacher vowed to help this boy one day, I was contacted later to help in anyway I could and I cried to God!

The EVER FAITHFUL ONE LISTENED to me as He always does!Little Nuhu case is special because, the woman who gave birth to him is mentally imbalanced and the father is even worse! What a world? Who to care for him became an issue.When I spoke to a family member, I realised he is in a world of his own. But I trust that when nobody is for you and you have God, then you have nothing to worry about.A good samaritan was sent to me by God and he opted to help, yesterday he landed to Tamale upon my request for observation and preparation towards his operation.Today the good God made it possible for little poor Nuhu to got through his surgery successfully, when he was out of the theater he gave me his first smile. A smile which brought tears out of my eyes.To all those who supported to make this possible, may Allah bless you all. May He richly bless you, and never shame you. To Dr. Alhassan who didn’t find it easy handling such a complicated boy like Nuhu..lol, yet persevered to work on him.God bless you and your beautiful wife madam Hamdia Ibrahim, who came close to the theatre to support us.Now I pray that God wield me with the capacity to help him get a better education, so as to become a testimony to the world!Din Nani
God Dey We Dey
The Youth PresidentSource : Dr. Seidu Fiter

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