Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Hon Ras Mubarak has silenced the budget discussion. It doesn’t even look like a budget was presented in parliament today. Everywhere is trending Ras Mubarak.

My brother, thank you for putting the records straight. So many men are in abusive relationships or out of abusive relationships and afraid to speak out. I have been through that tunnel with a habitual liar and cheater whose trademark was attempting suicide each time I confront her with her cheating behaviour and told her I was leaving the relationship.

At least, it happened on three different occasions and I had to rush her to Tamale Teaching hospital before it was too late. Had she died in any of those her suicidal attempts, I don’t think it would have been easy to explain my innocence to the police. In fact, I even became friends with some nurses at Tamale Teaching hospital because of my ex suicidal behaviour. Her mum and best friend (name withheld) even became aware of the situation I was in.

However, I was afraid to speak out publicly, let alone to tell any of my friends or family in Ghana about the emotional trauma I was going through in the relationship.

In one of her attempted suicides on a heavy rainy day, I was so scared I wouldn’t make it to the hospital on time. I had to take pictures of her in her suicidal condition, together with the boxes of drugs she took to end her life.

I forwarded those evidence to my uncle in the US to keep safe incase I don’t make it on time to the hospital with her and it becomes a police case. God being so good, I was always lucky to get to the hospital on time with her in those conditions.

Finally, I broke up with her and the aftermath of the break up was even more hell for me than when I was in the relationship. It was almost three years of social media attacks from her and her friends and finally I had to launch back too with replies after I attended a counseling. I was advise by the counselor to speak out and relieve the pains and emotional trauma I was going through.

Thank God my university provided that counseling services for free to students. The periodic counseling sessions helped me a lot those days. But note that, it was unbearable to me and even to my mum who was insulted as well by them.

In fact, even as part of my speaking out to put an end to their social media war on Facebook and WhatsApp, I wrote a lengthy article on social media defamations which were published by both Joy news and Ghanaweb and other media outlets. I was calling for a law to be pass in Ghana to ban all social media defamations and punish culprits.

Don’t delay too long in speaking out like Hon Ras Mubarak, and don’t be afraid to speak out early like me.

SPEAK OUT NOW and save your soul. Also, I am not sharing my story with any malice or to revisit old wounds. I am sharing my story as a way to motivate anyone else who is in any emotional trauma to SPEAK OUT NOW.

Again, I am never ashamed of my story because whether I like it or not, it was what God brought my way it thought me valuable lessons in life. It has become a landmark story in my life forever just like the 2013 and 2020 election petitions being landmark stories in Ghana’s history.

Never be ashamed as a man. We are humans too!

Columnist — Dr. Sa-ad Iddrisu

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