Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Award winning Ghanaian filmmaker and a strong feminist, based in USA, Leila Djansi has disagreed vehemently with ex husband of Rasheeda Adams, Mr. Ras Mubarak for refusing to release his “bank account details and pin code”, when the wife demanded for it when they were together as husband and wife.

Her disagreement came days after the couple’s marriage, which hit rock button about five (5) years ago took center stage on social media, with many people believing the matter took the shine away from the 2022 budget presented by Majority Leader, Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu on Friday, March 12.

According to Madam Leila, it is imperative for a man to release his account details for his wife to avoid futuristic problems, when the husband is dead.

“If you have a stay home wife, it’s vital she has all access to your bank accounts! What if you die? You want your children to starve? Your son to starve? How she goin give you a befitting burial?”, the feminist asked.

“Married couples, y’all need joint accounts. Access each others finances”, she advised.

Mr. and Mrs Ras Mubarak divorced in a rather dramatic and mysterious way, which had to end in court because of the controversial nature of the divorce.

Since then, the ex wife has taken every opportunity to jibe the former husband on social media, particularly, Facebook.

Her lattest post which did not go down well with Mr. Mubarak was subtly linked to the recent murder of one Lilian Dedjoe by her husband, according to Mr. Ras.

“In 5years since Ms. Adams packed and emptied my house, I have never paid attention to any of the issues she’d leveled against me save in court. And it has been so for good reason – the respect I have for my my kids, family and community. Secondly, I have never been bothered because if she can hate her own father enough not to want him at her wedding, if she can hate the man who gave birth to her and named her, enough not to attend his his funeral when he passed away, peddling falsehood against me shouldn’t be anything,” he replied the ex wife.

“However, her latest attempt to link her issues with the most unfortunate abuse of #Lilian Dedjoe by her husband, which reportedly led to Lilian’s untimely death can’t pass without a rebuttal. I got tag and trolled by all manner of characters over her latest meltdown. Integrity is not sold on the market, and lies told too many times tend to be believable”, he added.

Ms Rasheeda Adams has since remain silent on the allegations, with many people saying she is preparing to issue a damning rebuttal.

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