Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Over a decade ago, in what appeared to be a dramatic moments in Kenya, with regard to the allegations about the the president, Mwa Kibaki having second wife, which was widely circulated in the country through the media, his wife, who happened to be the first lady of Kenya, Lucy Kibaki took it upon herself to be attacking persons who seemed to be fueling these rumors.

In many instances, she attacked civil servants for mistakenly describing by the name of a woman reported to be wife of her husband, the president.

This was confirmed by Mrs Kibaki at a press conference by the husband to deny the reports surrounding the second wife allegations.

Lucy Kibaki, who was noted for her volatile temper, in one instance slapped a civil servant who mistakenly introduced her as Wambui, warned media she would not tolerate such reports.

“You have been tormenting us. I don’t know what you get out of it,” she told journalists at her husband’s press conference.

“I nearly came to your studio last night to attack you the way I did the Nation,” she added, referring to a previous incident where she stormed into a newsroom of a certain media outlet.

kenya’s normally mild-mannered President, as the husband was described while in office described his feelings about the media reports of his second wife as “foul mood.”

Mr. Kibaki who was 77-year-old, who had seldom addressed journalists directly since coming to power in 2002.

But, was highly incensed at versions by some newspapers and politicians that he had a second relationship with a woman called Mary Wambui.

“You know and I know and everybody else knows that I have only one dear wife, Lucy here. But, the media keeps repeating about my having another wife or wives,” he said at the press conference at the State House residence in Nairobi, with the so disturbed wife standing by him.

He however used the opportunity to inform the Kenyan media that the first family in the country would take legal actions against any journalist or media house who were bent on destroying his family.

“I have gotten into this very foul mood after listening to some statement. I want to say quite frankly anyone who is bent on that course will see me in court. And we shall deal with him, no other way whatsoever,” he added, referring to one politician who had spoken about a second wife.

Mrs Lucy Kibaki died in London in April 2016 of undisclosed illness.

Her husband, Mr. Mwa Kibaki was rumoured to have died last year, which was dispelled by his private secretary, Ngari Gituku.

“Mr. Kibaki is alive and well. This is an unfortunate rumor that also caught me by surprise. These allegations are false”, the secretary to the former president, Ngari Gituku denied claims.

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