Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

On 21st August, 2019, I wrote an open letter to our then Member of Parliament, Hon. Dr. Sagre Bambangi drawing his attention to the sad state of the Municipal library complex located in Walewale, the Municipal capital.

Incidentally, I met Hon. Dr. Sagre Bambangi (MP) at Parliament citizens engagement dialogue in Tamale organised by African Center for Parliamentary Affairs in collaboration with Norsaac at John Agama conference hall, GILLBT just few hours after the said letter was published online. At the conference, I presented the issue to him, he assured us that the library will be renovated as soon as possible for use.

Unfortunately, the promise to the people of Walewale did not see the light of the day as the library continue to deteriorate further without any hope that it would be rehabilitated any time soon. Scrap dealers have also used this unfortunate happening to encroach on the land to under their commercial activities.As at now, the library has been closed down.

Our plea to the authorities remain the same, please do well to rehabilitate the library facility. In Bongo, during the time of the school closures occasioned by the covid-19 pandemic, community libraries were the learning centers for students but in our case, our young brothers and sisters seized that opportunity to go around picking stones and scraps for sale. This is very unfair to say the least.

I can remember vividly, during the time of BECE, candidates of D/A JHS, a school very close to the abandoned library facility used to learn under the street lights in the night due to the fact that there’s no comfortable place of learning.When Prof. Dokurugu Yussif learnt about this, he made available the office of IGH and I-hankure around cotton board to be used temporarily by candidates for studies. This was however only a temporary measure.

This is a reminder to our honourable MP, MCE and all other stakeholders who matter to do something to salvage the situation.I am worried that since 2019 when the attention of the authorities were brought to the sad nature of the library it has since been left unattended to.

By : Issah Toha Shamsoo
A Community Advocate

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