Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

A young man who has been identified as Natogma Yakubu has confessed that he still loves his wife, who has been lured into having sex with an actor and movie director in Tamale Movie industry, Aborimahim Bashiru, even though, she told him, her lover outside her marriage has bigger penis than her husband.

Narating the situation in a separate interviews with the media, Master Natogma disclosed that the cheating wife confessed having affairs with the actor, who convinced her that he was going to assigned a role to her in a movie yet to be out.

“My wife told me she sleeps with Aborimahim anytime they go to Bimbila (for movie purpose). And that Aborimahim has a very big penis (than mine) and it is always difficult penetrating”, the cheating wife’s husband said in one interview.

According to the highly incensed husband, he he had to confront the adulterer to confirm for himself, to which his rival actually confirmed, but have him his word that such act would not repeat again, only for him to have caught them later.

Speaking in another interview to the media after the Dakpema Fuseini Bawa fined the adulterer 5, 000 GHC, a ram and three (3) fowls at the palace, the husband who was not satisfied with the judgment swore to never forgive Aborimahim, adding that he shall have justice in the hereafter.

“I wanted the chief to whip him publicly and shave him to make him feel the same pain he has inflicted on me by sleeping with my wife. I am not happy with the judgment given by the palace. But I know on judgment day, God will give me justice. Even before that, may Aborimahim feel the pain whiles on earth”, Natogma Yakubu cursed his wife’s boyfriend.

Speaking on behalf of the palace, Chief Adam Musah Dakpem Dema-Naa said they actually had the intention of penalizing the adulterer publicly, but, because he confessed, the chief had to show him mercy, hence, they could only fine him.He was quick to remind the journalists that, if Aborimahim does not present the said items with the stipulated time, they will have no option but to whip him publicly as they were to do.

Responding to the issue on Suhupieli FM’s evening news, president of the actors association in Tamale, Mr. Mohammed Abdul Jalil assured the public that the association will find a way deal with their colleague in a manner to deter others from engaging in similar acts in future.

The president however believed the incident has not affected the movie industry in the North a bit.There has been rumors of movie producers and actors using Movie Roles to lure unsuspecting ladies into having sex.

The last time Tamale based North Star FM presenter, Afa Staff talked about it on his show some yeas ago, he was beaten to pulp, with some saying he wanted to kill their business.

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