Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

The palace of Tamale Dakpema in consultation with NORTHERN DRAMA AND FILM MAKERS ASSOCIATION (NODRAFIM) have banned popular actor, Aborimaham Bashiru from acting for one (1) year for sleeping with a colleague married woman in the movie industry.

This was Disclosed by Dakpem Dema-Naa, chief Adam Musah at the palace today, March 27, 2021, when the actor came to present the the fine of 5, 000 GHC, ram, and three (3) fowls.

The Dema-Naa said NODRAFIM, the group Aborimaham belongs to decided to ban the actor for three (3) years per her rules, but, palace’s intervened and reduced it to 1 year.

“A team of military men had to come in to whisk embattled Aborimaham away because he was nearly beaten up by a group of angry mob who had besieged the palace”, Justice FM Yunus Yirifa wrote.

“While some demanded that he should be caned by the palace for his acts, others wanted him to be at least shaved. When they were not getting what they wanted, they then demanded his release to them, so he can be beaten ‘well well’. The palace had to call in the military”, the Justice FM journalist added.

Meanwhile, husband of the cheating wife, Master Natogma Yakubu insisted his rival should be caned publicly, adding that he was not satisfied with the palace judgment.

Responding to him, Dakpem Saha-Naa, Mr. Laminu Awal said the palace found it difficult to grant the demand of the husband because of the two (2) children between the couples, emphasising that the stigma of the whole issue will affect the children.

Watch video of the final judgment below:

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