Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

A Prostitute at Yapei in the Central Gonja District of the Savannah Region last Thursday seized three (3) guinea fowls and some quantities of eggs from a middle aged man (name withheld) after he failed to settle her for her service.

The man who was on his way to the Yapei Thursday weekly market last week with the items decided to pass by the popular prostitute base in Yapei to satisfy himself sexually before proceeding to the market.

After having fun, the man told the lady he didn’t have money on him, and would only pay when he sold the guinea fowls and eggs.

The lady became furious, resulting in the seizure of the birds with the eggs, pouring the unrine on the poor man.

It took young men around some time to be able to whisk the man to the riverside at Yapei to wash him down from the stench of the urine.

The man who had refused to leave the room of the prostitute for fear of other village folks seeing him had to be forcefully taken out by the boys around.

The prostitute who narrated the incident to people around said the young men do come around and after they satisfied themselves then turn round to accuse her of not paying royalties to the traditional council meant for development in the town.

She said they always have affairs with them without paying especially the popular young men who claims to be land owners.


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