Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Ghana Police have been advised to lock up lesbians who werr arrested for gathering to hold a wedding ceremony in the presence of about 30 Ghanaian homosexuals at Kwaku Obomeng in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Commenting on Ghpage News’ story titled – “Lesbians Who Garthered To Hold A Wedding Ceremony In Kwahu Obomeng Arrested” on Facebook, one Facebooker identified as Goldberg Kwadwo Gh said the best punishment for lesbians is detain them with a male to sleep with them.

According to him, if the women who think having sex with same sex is better, they will change their minds when they taste proper sex from opposite sex.

“Please don’t grant them bail, just find some strong men to service them well and trust me they’ll never think of being lesbians again. I would have wished to do it myself but I’l be traveling to Bono to harvest my yam next week”, he commented.

Ghpage News reported that the wedding ceremony was held at midnight in a rented house in Kwahu Obomeng but their wedding and ceremony were cut short when the police and traditional authorities in Obomeng stormed the place and arrested them.

According to Nana Effah Opinamang III, the chief of Obomeng who spoke with Angel TV explained that they heard rumors about the impending wedding and they made plans to stop it.

Nana Effah Opinamang III revealed that the wedding took place at midnight and the police were waiting to pounds on them when the wedding started.

Out of the over 30 people who were gathered, only 22 were arrested by the police after the rest fled the venue.

He revealed that the people arrested are not from Kwahu. They came from all over the country to hold their wedding ceremony in the mountains.

Nana Effah Opinamang III further revealed they will deal drastically with the owner of the house where the wedding took place.

A spiritual cleansing will also take place to ride the town of all the abomination which had taken place at Kwahu Obomeng.

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