Touching, as tallest man in Northern Ghana explains scary, mysterious growth


The tallest man in northern Ghana, Abdul Somed Sulemana, known by many as Awuche, resides in East Mamprusi Municipal of the Northeast region has explained his mysterious growth, adding that he was not born like that.

Awuche revealed this when he granted interview to Joy FM’s / TV’s reporter, Mohammed Nurudeen in the area sometime ago.

According to him, he went to bed on night, only to wake up feeling abnormal growth in every part of his body.

“One night, I just slept and then woke up and saw my everything getting big big, and this my tongue, it was big in my mouth which I couldn’t breath self. So I just rushed to Lapaz to my brothers and then they sent me to one clinic around there”, he explained.

“Yes everything was getting big big , as you can see this my sandals, i was not wearing this sandals, I normally have my cambos, my slippers, wearing it fine and it just started getting big big, my things getting big”, Awache added. From that night, ah! I just see I’m growing tall and I don’t know. Like, if I just leave Lapaz for one month or two months and then go there, they will be telling me that, ah! Awuche you’re tall, you’re just getting tall and i will say ah how come!”, he added.

The tallest man further disclosed that he is a young man in his late 20s, 27 years old specifically, but, he looks like somebody in his 50s who wasn’t tall at the age of 20.

Awuche is said to be a little over 7 feet, though the normal human height is between 5 to 6 feet.

Watch details of five (5) most tallest human beings in Ghana in the YouTube video below:


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