I don’t fu*k small girls ; mind your business – Bundle replies teenager’s uncle


A popular comedian, Shatta Bundle has reacted to allegations by the family of 26 year old he said to have rape, saying it is attempt to ploy him.

According to Bandle, he was not alone in the hotel room let alone to be naked with the girl, when they took the snap video that has been used as evidence to pin him down.

“Just imagine that you took a normal snap on your bed with a girl and people think that you raped the girl? Always I think about money and not sex.“, he fumed.

“I even sent my girlfriend along so how can I go and sleep with a small girl. Have you seen me sleeping with that girl? Ohhhhh this is not good. Ah and the Bloggers have twisted everything and I don’t like that“, he further explained.

In a post on social media yesterday by one Mahama Haruna, who identified himself as the uncle to the lady who Bundle has allegedly rape in Bole.

Below is a response by the uncle to Shatta Bundle’s reaction :

“Someone should tell this liliput that he can continue annoying the family of the 15 year old girl in Bole that he raped and see what will happen…

As I talk the innocent girl is still with Shatta Bundle. Yes he sent her to Tamale today and so can be charged for kidnapping.

I spoke to the Manager of Shatta Bundle this night and he agreed the small girl is with them.

We have given Shatta Bundle’s Manager up to 10:00am tomorrow Monday to produce the the little girl or else we know what to do…

The Youth of Bole are so annoyed and he can make his enquiries at Bole.

I also see this video from this stupid fool; this abnormal human being as an insult on all the people of Bole for saying “see village life”.

Who is more of villager than this idiot called Shatta Bundle?”


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