Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Member of Parliament (MP) for Karaga Constituency, Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam has begun fulfilling his campaign promises made to the people of Karaga, before the 2020 elections that got him into parliament.

In a Facebook post on his page yesterday, April 5, the Karaga MP wrote that his promise to deliver 10 sewing machines to Kpasong electoral area was fulfilled when his constituency chairman presented the items to the beneficiaries on his behalf.

“On 26th March 2021, I promised to deliver 10 sewing machines to apprentices in kpasong in the Karaga Constituency, after an interaction with members of the community”, he wrote on Facebook.

“Today, my Constituency Chairman, Alhaji Tahiru Goora presented the machines to the beneficiaries on my behalf. These machines are to help empower the youth with skills under my ‘1 Apprentice 1 Sewing Machine Program'”, the MP added.

This gesture is part of program aimed at helping skilled workers in the constituency with training equipments to aid them in their skilled work.

It will be recalled that Dr. Anta presented launch, Dr. Amin Anta presented 30 sewing machines and 20 head dryers to Tailors and Head Dressers Associations in the constituency during the launch of his parliamentary campaign in last year.

He also made a pledge to pay apprenticeship fee and provide sewing machines to head dressers who pass out in any of this skilled work in the Karaga constituency.

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