Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Youth Chiefs, known in Dagbani parlance as Nachin Na nima have advised the Northern Regional public relations officer (P. R. O.) of the Ghana Water Company Ltd ( GWCL) to learn the Dagbani language, which is a dominant language in the present Northern Region.

The chiefs made the call when a group of them numbering about twelve (12) paid a visit to the head office of the GWCL today, April 6, 2021.

Presenting the complains regarding the water shortage affecting some parts of Tamale and its environs to the P. R. O., Nii Abbey, the chiefs said they wouldn’t be visiting the water company office demanding for explanations, if the company had made efforts to communicate their challenges to the residents of Tamale whom the GWCL serves.

“They should let us have a water rationing time table. So that it will help us to know which parts of Tamale will be served and on which days”, Dakpem Zaachi, chief Seidu said.

“We have observed that the P. R. O.’s inability to make their message clear is because he doesn’t understand Dagbani, which is a dominant language in Northern Region. So he should learn to speak it or recommend an indigenes to be employed to assist him”, he added.

On his part, the P. R. O. told the chiefs that hi outfit is doing its best, adding that they have people who understand the Dagbani language well.

He also disclosed that his office has had to appear on about eight (8) media houses since the issue of the water shortage started, and that they are doing community engagement.

Mr. Nii Abbey however thanked the Youth Chiefs for the visit, requesting that they should support the company to educate the people more about how it operates.

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