Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

The Northern Regional Public Relatjons Officer (PRO) of Ghana Water Company Ltd, Mr. Nii Abbey has disclosed that the area and its environs are in deficit of 13 million gallons of water, explaining that the company can only produce 7 million gallons of water for the people per day, instead of 20 million gallons daily.

Mr. Nii Abbey revealed this yesterday, April 6, when youth leaders known Dagbani parlance as Zaachis called on his office following complains of acute water shortage in many parts of Tamale.

“What Ghana Water Company can do as far as Tamale is concern, is 32 thousand cubic meters, which is seven (7) million gallons of water. What it means is that, there is a difference of what we can supply and what the people need and that deficit or that gab, is 13 million gallons per day. What it means is that, what we can produce we need 3x to be able to meet Tamale’s demand”, the GWCL P. R. O. revealed.

“And that is how come we are having some of the areas having difficulty with their water supply. The river level for which we can operate is that, when it gets to 2 feet we have to shutdown the treatment plan.It means the pump cannot pick the water its going to pick mud. This morning as we checked, the river level is 5 feet, you can only shutdown when it’s 2 feet, but that is not much of a worry because we know with 3 feet we can still progress”, he further explained.

Mr. Nii Abbey was hopeful that the Tamale water project, which sod president Akufo-Addo cut later part of last year can save the situation, if completed, adding that the constructor is yet to commence work at the site.

According to him, the people of Tamale should braze themselves for worst days I’m future during dry seasons, if the project delays further.

“But the difficulty is that the demand is more than the suppy. Going forward, we pray and hope that, the sort cutting which the President did last year, July 28th 2020, the project should commence quickly because that project alone will give Tamale 20 million gallons. So that if you have that 20 million gallons and you add your 7 million, you can meet the demand”, he told the journalists.

“But not until that is done, in the dry season we will continue to have these challenges and that is what we currently facing”, he added.

The P. R. O. used the opportunity to express management gratitude to the youth chiefs in Tamale Metropolis and beyond for seeing the need to come to the office to know the truth.

For close to four (4) months now, some areas in Tamale are facing challenges of shortage of portable drinking water, with some saying it was deliberate.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, in July 2020 cut the sod for the construction of the Tamale Water Supply Project, as part of his tour of the Northern Region.

According to President Akufo-Addo, the Tamale Water Supply Project seeks to expand the supply capacity of the Tamale Metropolitan area, and also improve upon the flexibility of water supply, by building a new water supply system which will rely on the White Volta at Yapei, with a 29.7 million gallons per day capacity water treatment plant.

“This will be, by far, the biggest water project in the five northern regions, and the second biggest in the history of our country,” he said last year.

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