Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

A young man identified as one Ibrahim Abdul Ganiu has been sentenced to two (2) in prison for posing as a lady with account name Khadija Hussein on Facebook, using one Salima Suhuyini’s pictures.

According to a Facebook post by the said victim, the man defrauded another person to a tune of 50, 000 GHC, when luck eluded on him, leading to his arrest.

She added that Ibrahim Abdul Ganiu’s “boutique confiscated to settle part of this money.” is following the issue and will give you details as soon as possible.

Read the full post by Salma Suhuyini:

So my attention was drawn to this guy (Ibrahim Abdul Ganiu) in pics below using my pictures to fraud people …. He had a whole profile named (Khadija Hussein) where he uses my pics including those taken at work to fraud guys…..

Unfortunately for him,victims including Braimah Kamaldeen were able to track him down and report him.

I’m told he was arrested for his fraudulent activity of money a little less than Ghc50,000.00 and will be spending a 2yrs jail term at the Gambaga prisons with his boutique confiscated to settle part of this money.

So this is to everyone on here who might come across my picture/s in their DM’s for whatsoever reasons….. IT IS SCAM….

The only business I do on here is lace fabrics…..

I DO NOT share my pictures with random people….

I have NEVER requested for money in anyone’s DM…. and Inshaa Allah…. I wont be doing that in a long time….so if you see any requests coming with my pics…. IT IS SCAM….

Lastly, I pray Allah make it easy for this person/s and that they feel better about themselves to not want to use me or anyone else as their media representation…

Ramadan Mubarak.

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