Fu¢k off with your advice – Akuapem Poloo blasts fan, tags her evil


Actress Rosemond Alade Brown, alias Akuapem Poloo has told off her die-hard fan, tagging her as evil, while asking her to fuck off for advising her over her video to “celebrate her freedom with fufu”.

According to the fan who is identified as pmills4u on Instagram, she starved herself and cried like a baby when the actress was handed 90 days jail term following her nude picture with her son.

Pmills4u believed it was not proper for Akuapem Poloo to start making petty videos while on bail when her case is yet to be determined by the appeal court.

“If l were you, I would stay away from social media for a while to restructure my life. I love and cried bitterly when you were jailed at a point my family was worried of how I was complaining of what happened to you. I voted and campaign for you”, the fan advised.

“The Same social media that almost took you to jail, yet you are back posting unnecesary things with useless caption like food take this advise a sincere fan who loves you and just stay away for a while”, she added.

But, in a sharp, swift and angry response, the actress told her fan, “That is why your not me and l’m myself Rosemond Brown Go away from me evil being.”

In the 29 seconds video, Akuapem Poloo was seen seated in what looked like an eatery indicated that she had not been able to eat well at all due to her court case.

She however indicated that following her bail and subsequent release from Nsawam Prison pending an appeal, she can now enjoy a bowl of fufu – her favorite meal.

Akuapem Poloo, who looked so excited and getting back to her usual bubbly self, was seen enjoying her fufu which was covered with snails and meat.

She revealed that her time behind bars did not allow her any luxury to enjoy the freedom to eating whatever she desired.

Watch the video below:


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