NPP Kamal-Deen condemns display of rice, sugar beneficiaries on Facebook, describes it as ‘Riya’


Former Nasara Coordinator for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Alhaji Kamal-Deen Abdulai has condemned the act of displaying pictures of Muslims who have supported with rice and sugar during the fasting period on Facebook.

Alhaji Kamal-Deen who also contested for the party’s parliamentary primaries in the Nanton constituency for the 2020 elections wrote this on Facebook, describing the act as ostentation (Riya).

According to him, the purpose of the support, if not checked will turn into a political show, adding that “it is demeaning and lowers us as Muslims.”

Below is the full write-up:

Honestly, it is very good to assist the needy with food or cash which they may use for same in Ramadan as directed by our maker and His Messenger. But, I have strongly come to the realisation that the people we target with those items during these times may not be the right people and what is more disturbing is that it’s gradually becoming a political show off thing which I doubt if Allah accepts what clearly could be described as ‘Riya’.

The Muslim Ummah deserves dignity and respect even if you have to assist them. The rice and sugar politics with its display on Facebook and other traditional media to me in all humility is demeaning and lowers us as Muslims. No wonder some hold the view that, as for Muslims, just wait until is Ramadan or Sallah and get them some few bags of sugar and rice and you are good to go as a politician. Sad!

Let no one say I’m against saddaqat, but let’s do it with some respect and dignity as directed by the teachings of our respected religion (Islam).

We are all to blame for encouraging such acts as politicians but honestly I think all Muslims must rise up against this degrading practice!

My constituency for instance, has no district hospital, no secondary school, no good roads, portable water in some areas is a big problem, no warehouse for the predominantly farming communities to benefit in terms of storage, no pharmacy, no hotel for visitors etc.., these I think should be our preoccupation as politicians and certainly not rice and sugar show. I have chosen to embark on two major projects on my own through my connections which insha Allah we shall visibly see by the end of this year and I pray other politicians in my constituency will or are already on the provision of some of these developmental facilities for the betterment of our people.

Kamal-Deen Abdulai writes!


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