Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

The CEO of Accra-based Citi FM, Samuel Atta-Mensah, has slammed the creators of the ‘FixYourSelf’ hashtag.

Wisdom has eluded you – Citi FM CEO, Sammens, angrily slams “FixYourself” campaigners. Photo credit: Samuel Atta-MensahThe ‘FixYourself’ hashtag was created to counter the ‘FixTheCountry’ hashtag on Twitter.

The ‘Fixthecountry’ tag is a Twitter campaign by some unhappy Ghanaians who are venting their anger over what they say is the failure on the part of successive administrations to improve the lives of the citizenry.

Tens of thousands of posts have been made on social media highlighting some of the challenges with the Ghanaian economy.

However, the “FixYourself” focuses on the need for the Ghanaian to change his or her attitude.

The campaigners believe that the challenges facing the country are a result of bad attitudes and that for the country to develop to the satisfaction of all, then it is critical for Ghanaians to change their attitudes.

Reacting to the campaign in a tweet sighted by, the Citi FM CEO, popularly known as Sammens wondered if wisdom eluded the people behind the campaign.

“So who created the “FixYourself” hashtag. I dare say that wisdom has eluded the person. Sad,” the former CEO of the Coastal Development Authority tweeted.

Sammens resigned as head of the Authority less than six months of being in office.

The tweet by Sammens sparked series of reactions and debates and compiled a few.

@atemudda wrote: “Indeed…….. If a veteran journalist like you don’t think our attitude as individuals portray the collective society that we live in then once again its indeed SAD!!!”

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