Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Members of Parliament (MP) for Wulensi constituency, Dawuni Abukari has started an initiative to help his constituents prevent the perennial overflows of dams in the area.”An initiated project to defend the Sakpe/ Baduli dam from being overflow when the rains set in. Communal labour with his constituents”, Sagani TV’s Lansah wrote on FacebookOverflows of water can cause the walls of dams to erode over time, especially if the area is susceptible to rain and floods.Dawuni Abukari representing the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) got 20,148 representing 50.77% to beat his contender, Thomas Donkor Ogajahn who polled 19,148 48.25% as incumbent MP.Mr. Dawuni, who is the current MP has so far embarked on so many projects indicating his readiness to serve his people.

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