Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

The project , which has been running for the past four (4) years has increased the package, covering up to 150 families in 13 communities in the Northern Region this year.

It was made possible by companies, individuals and some Ghanaians in diaspora who have been supporting the project since its inception.

Below is details statement by the project coordinator, Alhaji Salifu Abdul-Dahim wrote:

“The Project successfully made donations in 13 communities in the Northern region. In all, the Project supported over 150 families in all the 13 communities visited.

The communities included; Walaa, Walshie Kuraa, Gbanjogla, Nanton-Kpawumo, Bugyili, Kukuo-Rural, Jakarayili, Vogu-Kushibu, Kpalsogu, Saakuba, Nanton-Zuo, Pagazaa and Baglahi.

Aside the community donations, there were individual cases that needed support and were attended to. A few UDS students and some mothers who were not from the communities mentioned.

Beneficiaries of this year’s donations were largely Widows. Though disabled were also captured.

The beneficiaries were selected by assembly members and opinion leaders with strict instructions from the Project team.

Each beneficiary took home a mini bag of rice, soft drinks, cooking oil, tin/canned tomatoes and some Maggi.

The recipients were happy with their donations and prayed for all those who made it possible.


Special mention of Coca-Cola Bottling Company Limited, for the second time, providing soft drinks (100 crates) to support the Project.

The Ghanaian Muslim diasporan community, as well as individual and groups in Ghana, who have supported, May Allah reward you abundantly.

We pray for those who wanted to donated and were not able to, for some reasons. May Allah grant you the means to donate next year.

To the volunteers of the Project, you have been there for the past 4 years, May Allah bless and reward you all, abundantly.

Our peojection next year, is to travel beyond Northern region.

We hope to go to the Eastern corridors of the region, Savanna region, North East region, Upper East and Upper West regions.”

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