Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

The Kinafek Development Association has charged the feuding factions at Tingbaln in the Saboba District of the Northern Region to prioritize Education over violence.

The call came following the recent clash between Binafeeb and Nankpantiib over a piece of land on April 4, 2021 which led to the death of one person, destroying of properties, burning of houses and leaving two others injured.

Speaking to the Media Sandow Nignamoan Zachariah has on behalf of the group called on both factions to invest more in their children Education rather than fighting each other.

He added that, is through education that the people will know that conflict can be resolved through dialogue and not weapon therefore, the need to invest in education.

Mr Sandow appealed for sustainable peace In the Constituency and call on traditional leadership of the feuding factions to give peace a chance and cooperate with the law enforcement agencies in the restoration of peace.

He also made a presentation of Five thousand Ghana Cedis (5,00.00) on behalf of the association to the elders of Binafeeb faction to help subsidies the current hardship that has erupted as a result of the conflict.

He further advice the educated individuals who are masterminding the recent clashes to stay away from such inhuman attitude and want them arrested immediately for masterminding the peace.

Receiving the presentation on behalf of the elders of the Community, Yadimah Ntambi thanked the Binafeeb Development Association for their kind gesture and assured of fair share among the Community members.

He also promise of their commitment of sustainable peace in the community and extended their appeal to National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), NGOs and Philanthropist to assist them with food stuffs , building materials and used clothes.

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