Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

A Ghanaian based Non Governmental Organization, The Light Foundation with a support from it partners in based in UK, Salam Charity has constructed a borehole for the people of Yogu, a suburb of Tolon constituency in the northern region.

The event was held in the community yesterday, May 28, 2021 to hand over the facility to the people through their chief, Alhaji Adam Yogu.

“We had information that this community was facing challenges with regards to portable drinking water. And when we paid them a visit, we the kind of water they were drinking, one can’t call it a water (it was a mixture of sand and water). Touched by the people’s plight, our donors, Salam Charity said they were going to look for funding, and within few weeks, the funding actually came. And that this project is the results”, Chief Executive Officer of The Light Foundation, Sheikh Ali Napari told the media when he was speaking at the occasion.

According to the CEO, this is the 6th Mechanised Borehole Salam Charity is executing to provide safe drinking water for the people in Northern Region in some selected communities.

Sheikh Ali however appealed to the residents of Yogu to take proper care of the borehole, assuring them his office will push to get them more boreholes to cater for the population of about 4, 000 in the area.

“Salam Charity within a period of 3 months will be able to construct 6 mechanized boreholes for different communities. This is the 6th one. The other 5 are at different levels of completion. They are at Tugu Yepala, Tampion, Gushegu, Gbintiri and Anbariya Senior High School which has a population of about 4, 000 students who also don’t have a portable water”, he disclosed.

“We appealing to the chief and his people to maintain it very well while we look for more support to add boreholes in the community”, the CEO concluded.

On his part, Yogu Chief, Alhaji Adam thanked the two (2) organizations, Light Foundation and Salam Charity for the support, adding that their intervention came at the time the community actually needed it.

He said Water is life, but the water he and his people depend on can’t give them life.

He used the opportunity to remind government of their situation with regards to safe drinking water, blaming the constructor who was paid to construct their dam under the government one village – one dam flagship program for doing a poor job that only worsened their situation.

“When they came and saw our plight, they actually took part in fetching the water from the dam. I mean the Salam Charity responsible for this borehole that the assemblyman brought to us assess the situation. They participated in fetching the water by carrying pans with the people to the dam. It is said that water is life but not every water gives life. Ours was a mud before they came in”, the chief lauded the NGOs.

“It has also exposed a lot of state interventions. We were fortunate to benefit from the government program of 1v1d. But this project made our situation worse. The dam that has never dried up dried up. Because the constructor collected sand and could not take it away…”, he lamented over shoddy works by the contractor.

The Light Foundation is a humanitarian aid relief agency, a registered NGO in Ghana that is dedicated to providing humanitarian services to the needy irrespective of race, religion, culture, creed and geographical boundary.

The organization aspires to excel in humanitarian services with the highest level of compassion, professionalism and care under the supervision of a team of professionals from the region and abroad.

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