Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Chief of Yoggu (a suburb of Tolon constituency), Alhaji Iddrisu Adam has described the current situation of his people to access safe portable water as “worst”, blaming it on the government flagship program, one village – one dam.

He made these comments at an event to hand over mechanized borehole to the people of his community by a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), Light Foundation funded by Salam Charity, a UK based organization on May 28 this year.

“It is said that water is life. But not every water that gives life. Ours can not be called water. In fact is a mixture of water and sand. That was our situation before they (the NGOs) came. It has also exposed a lot of state interventions. We were fortunate to benefit from the government program of 1v1d. But this project made our situation worse”, the former Mayor of Tamale lamented.

“The dam that has never dried up dried up. Because the constructor collected sand and could not take it away, dumped it on the belt of the existing dam. So what they did was that they just used the arm of the payloader to spread on the belt of the dam (1v1d being constructed). So when it rains, you can imagine what will happen. And that is our situation”, the not too happy Yoggu chief explained.

Speaking to journalists at the dam by the residents of the community, they revealed that there was an existing dam serving Yoggu and its surrounding communities, created as far back as 1956, which had never dried.

But, instead of expanding it to collect more water for the people to use, the constructor did a very shoddy works by trying to dig a new dam under the 1v1d program, only to end up turning the existing dam into a bank of the dam that was being dug.

According to them, the constructor initially promised to spend 12 days to 2 weeks on digging the dam, but had to use only 7 days for reasons the people were not told.

The community has a population of about four thousand (4, 000) depending on the muddy water until the Light Foundation in collaboration with Salam Charity came to their aid.

The chief used the opportunity to thank the NGOs for their intervention, appealing to other NGOs, government and individuals to emulate the example of Salam Charity and Light Foundation.

Alhaji Adam Yoggu was however grateful to MP for Tolon constituency, Alhaji Iddris Habib for his contribution towards the project, describing it as timely.

Daily Guide online December 21, 2020 edition was caption – “Yoggu Residents Share Water With Animals”

The purpose of the construction of small dams across communities in the five (5) Northern Regions was to fulfill President Akufo-Addo’s promise of constructing dams in every village in the northern part of Ghana.

This one village – one dam initiative seeks to provide all-year availability of water for small holder farmers in the rural communities of the north.

The initiative is expected to improve productivity and incomes of small holder farmers significantly and bring about improvements in rural livelihoods.

It is also expected to improve food security, and curtail migration from the north to the south in search for jobs during the off-farm season.

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