Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Alhaji Fawan has donated 20 mobile phones to National Democratic serial callers in Northern as his contribution to the efforts being made to enhance and appreciate the work the serial callers in the Region.

According to Alhaji Fawan, the 2024 general elections will be a fierce battle and therefore approparaite measures should be put in place to ensure victory for NDC.

While expressing his confindence that, the NDC will form the next government after the 2024 elections, he urged all party faithfuls to join hands in ensuring the reorgainization of the party ahead of the next elections.

He also noted that, the donation is to personally express his gratitude to the serial callers for their continuous efforts in projecting NDC in Northern region. He believes with the necessary support given to them, they can do better for the NDC now and into the future.

Below is Alhaji Fawan’s statement after the donation

“As part of the reorganization process, it is critical to provide our serial callers with the tools they will need to fight the tough battles ahead and to properly educate them on the problems they will face so we don’t fall behind our adversaries.

The 2024 elections is going to be a fierce battle, and we must all do our part to ensure a resounding victory for our great party the NDC. It’s a must if you have the party at heart. Either individually or collectively, we should! I made this donation to our gallant callers to express my gratitude for excellent works they’ve done in projecting the NDC and to express my faith in them for a better tomorrow”.


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