Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

A Non Governmental Organization (NGO), Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF) has responded to the call by the president, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo to plant trees today to observe The Green Ghana project across the country.

The exercise took place today, June 11, 2021 at Umar Mukhtar JHS and Aalu Ibrahim JHS in Tamale, when the Northern Zonal Office joined the students therein to plant fifty (50) trees at each school which was replicated at four (4) schools bringing the number to 200 trees.

Speaking to journalists after the event, project manager for YBF, Mr. Mohammed Awal said the trees were given by forestry commission for free, adding that their counterparts are in the greater Accra Region observing the day too.

“It is all about Green Ghana day. And today Youth Bridge Foundation is out to join campaign to plant five (5) millions trees. In the northern region here we are working with Umar Mukhtar Juniour High School and Aalu Ibrahim Juniour High School. And you could see, over there we had 50 and here too we have 50 making it 100. And in the greater Accra Region, Youth Bridge Foundation is active in a number of communities to plant as much as we can just as to stand out to be counted among the 5 million trees”, the project manager said.

“We all know the importance of trees to human beings. Over the past years, negative activities of human have led to the depletion of the environment. Talk of the northern region here, so many trees have been cut down for charcoal, firewood and also for roofing of our houses. And how many trees have been planted to replace that?”, he asked.

Mr. Awal described the directive by the president, setting June of every year to plant trees as a right call, thanking the forestry commission for making it possible by providing free seedlings for the project.

The organization however provided a wire fence for protection of the trees planted today.

Speaking on behalf of the school authority, Guidance and Counseling Coordinator of Umar Mukhtar Juniour JHS, Mr. A. Amadu was grateful to YBF for choosing the school out many schools in the Metropolis, assuring the organization that they will protect trees to grow to achieve the desired results.

“As part of the Green Ghana day, we have join Ghanaians to plant the 5 million trees. And I will encourage my colleagues and students to put all hands on deck to protect trees do that they can grow very well for us to have the full benefit of it”, he said.

Representative of United Force for Development, Yussif Abdul Mumin was also there as partners of YBF to ensure the exercise was successful.

Established as non-for-profit organization in 2005, YBF is committed to youth development in Ghana, Africa and the Diaspora.

It recognizes and appreciates the diversity of the youth as actors and agents for development – without seeing the youth as homogenous.

YBF envisions a world where gaps are bridged for positive youth development through a two-pronged approach;

1. Advocating for governments to be responsive to issues of the youth in terms of participation, inclusion, representation and their general well-being.

2. Harness the potential of youth by creating opportunities for training and grooming that would equip them to be self reliant and better citizens.

YBF aligns and supports the National Green Ghana Campaign launched in March.

As a youth focused Organization, it seeka to reorient the youth to be conscious of the need for a better climate environment and also raise awareness on the benefits of this for a sustainable development.

It will also see to it that the youth are positioned as agents and ambassadors of climate change to facilitate a better and clean environment in which they can participate meaningfully and effectively in addressing the national and global climate concerns.

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