Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

North Gonja District as part of the nationwide “Green Ghana Day” initiative instituted by the Ministry for Lands and Natural Resources planted trees in the District.

The “Green Ghana Day” agenda is aimed at planting five (5) million trees today 11/06/2021, the initiative is not only going to increase our forest cover but also invest in future economic trees according to the enthusiastic sector Minister Hon Lawyer Samuel Abu Jinapor.

The district lies in the tropical continental western margin and characterized by a single rainfall pattern brought in by the rain bearing tropical maritime air mass (MT), this occurs between April and October every year.

This is followed by the tropical continental air mass (CT) which brings about the dry season (Harmattan) which occurs from late November to March. The mean annual rainfall is between 1000mm and 1500mm with the peak occurring from July to September.

The District experiences a prolonged dry season with the peak occurring between March and April.

Temperature is fairly high with the annual mean temperature ranging from 27.4°C to 35°C depending on the season. The highest temperature is recorded in the dry season while the lowest is experienced during the Harmattan season.

Activities of bush fires, illegal chainsaw activities, rosewood harvesting and commercial charcoal burning have reached alarming proportions which need to be checked to avoid serious environmental problems in future.

The President’s lead convener and implementation head of the “Green Ghana Day” in the District, Hon Adam Eliasu Red Bawa this yesterday’s morning led dignitaries and stakeholders across the District to plant trees in fulfilment of the principles of the Greening Ghana agenda.

Major tree species in the District are Sheanut, Dawadawa, Baobab, Acacia, Neem, Rosewood and Ebony. The aforementioned illegal human activities have raked havoc against the climate making it unpredictable thereby rendering citizens susceptible to natural disasters.

Mr. Red Bawa in a brief remark after the tree planting exercise thanked the dignitaries for honouring the call and urged them to go a step further in nursing and nurturing the plants in order to achieve a meaning purpose. According to him, the time has come for citizens of the District to work together and protect the Trees, Flora and Fauna of the area.

He therefore charged the Youth in Afforestation to do an extensive and thorough tree planting in public places, institutions and recognized Forest areas. Family heads, heads of institutions and the general public was not left out.

Source : Ridwan Abubakari
(Aide/PRO To Hon Adam Eliasu – DCE NGDA).

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