Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

The Students Representative Council (SRC) President of the Tamale Technical University Alhassan Mashud has called on the Government of Ghana and the National Labour Commission and other relevant stakeholders to as a matter of urgency address the various concerns raised by TUTAG so as to bring the ongoing strike of TUTAG to a halt.

Speaking to the media in Tamale, the SRC president, explained that, TUTAG and the Government of Ghana reached a consensus on various conditions that will be implemented upon the transformation of the various polytechnics in the country to Technical Universities however the government has failed to fulfilled some significant conditions promised TUTAG, which has led to the declaration of the strike action.

According to TUTAG President Dr. Akorugu Brigandi, “Conditions of Service for TUTAG members expired in 2006, We have since been engaging government to get us a new Conditions of Service to no avail, secondly though the government has agreed in writing that we are to enjoy the same conditions of service comparable to the traditional universities, that is yet to be implemented, TUTAG members are currently made to use a Scheme of Service that is harsh, compared to those existing in analogous institutions, thus slowing down the academic progression of TUTAG members. The 2018/2019 Research arrears due TUTAG members have since not been paid to deserving members despite numerous reminders to the government.

Tier-Two pension payment for TUTAG members going on retirement has since not commenced, despite repeated promises by the government. Technical Universities face numerous frustrations in getting accreditation for their academic programmes; thus hindering the academic growth of technical universities.

These are among other reasons that the teacher union is embarking on the industrial action.

Alhassan Mashud underscored the need for his intervention as the President of the Tamale Technical University SRC. “As part of the mandate of the Student Representative Council to fight for students right to good, acceptable and productive levels of academic standards with respect to teaching and learning in Technical Universities is maintained. I on behalf of all presidents of Technical Universities, is calling on all stakeholders involved, thus, the Ministry of Education, The National Labour Commision, Ghana Tertiary Education Commsision (GTEC) to address the above concerns raised by TUTAG to bring the strike to an end so that active, effective and serious teaching and learning session can be resumed” He said.

The TATU SRC President added that, “though the National Labour Commission (NLC), has instructed the Technical University Teachers’ Association of Ghana (TUTAG), to suspend its intended strike and appear before it on Wednesday, June 16, 2021 and it is my fervent hope and prayer that the impending issues raised by TUTAG will be address the SRC president said

He used the opportunity to caution students to remain vigilant and dedicated to the practice of the Covid-19 prevention protocols as the pandemic still exist in the country therefore can’t let their guards down.


The Technical University Teachers’ Association of Ghana (TUTAG) has announced that its members will embark on a partial strike on Monday, June 14.
By this announcement, TUTAG members have been tasked to not teach, invigilate, mark examination papers and/or submit results and attend meetings of any of the Technical Universities.

However, in consideration of students, members have been advised to supervise project works, research and community service.

In a press release, the group listed six concerns they want to be addressed. These include a request for new conditions of service and frustrations in getting accreditation for academic programmes.
According to TUTAG, they have engaged government, other agencies and the National Labour Commission on their concerns. However, their discussions are yet to yield positive results.

“The National Labour Commissions, for instance, failed to enforce its ruling, in August 2019, in our favour regarding what is due TUTAG members.”

“TUTAG continued to demonstrate good faith with the government over the years on these issues, but has now, and unfortunately so, come to realize that the government, together with its agencies, is simply unwilling to fulfill its part of the bargain,” parts of the statement reads.

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