Opinion : Divorced women have turned themselves into relationship experts, deceiving young girls


    Dear ladies,

    Please, i just want you to know that, it is very ok to leave your home, your husband and your kids (if you have any).

    Simply put, it is ok to divorce your husband.

    What is not ok is to turn yourself into a motivational speaker for the young ladies, looking to get settled.

    You may have genuine reasons for leaving your marriage or not.

    At the end of the day, it was your decision to leave. No one knows what you know.

    But know that, that decision comes with its own repercussions.
    Deal with it!

    But merely leaving a marriage doesn’t qualify you as a relationship expert.

    Relationship experts are those who’ve learnt to settle with the right man or have managed to keep her home going.

    There’s a point in marriage, when you no longer think about yourself but the kids and the family as a whole.
    It is called sacrifice!

    And it is because of these unseen sacrifices that society has survived ages and you and I have come into being.

    Nonetheless, He who feels it, knows it!
    Not all marriages must be endured.
    And you must not stay at all cost.

    But be thrice sure that you’re not leaving for the sake of convenience either.

    Every choice has ramifications !

    So yes! It is ok to leave a marriage.
    That is your choice.

    But leave the young generation to make their own choices.

    After all, they are not marrying your husband.

    Just a day’s thought.

    Source : Malik Alshabazz


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