Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

I am not calling for DMB’s immortalization only on his contributions to the Akufo-Addo project, nay; like it or not DMB’s contributions to the nation’s politics speaks volumes, his prowess as an academician and intellectual remains second to none in the annals of our history, his participation in politics was of a nationalist bent and one who firmly believed in the unity of this country, instances abound in which he would have transmuted into an ethnic bigot, but no, he was to die with the view that an attachment to tribe made one’s learning worthless.

As running mate, DMB gave the Ghanaian Running mate it’s finest form of leadership, the running mate under him was no longer the rubber stamp that people were served, the running mate resonated some form of independence and sought to brandish a lofty intellectual outlook for the Presidential campaign.

DMB built bridges, is a man of culture and have a large heart, a number of people today are at life’s heights because he invested in them, a number of them he did not have blood or family ties with.

Some blocks of the Establishment might not want him to come immediately after Nana Addo, but be that as it may, on a very good day, at the appointed time, DMB will lead the NPP, and eventually rule Ghana.

Please DMB, move on and fear not! The vultures will gather against you, but you know what you stand for. Be strong and continue for you shall overcome!

Source : Charles McCarthy

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