Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

A video of some youth of Ejura defying hot water poured on them by a riot control vehicle of the Ghana Police to throw stones at the van after two persons were killed have gone viral.

Information from reliable source indicates that the incident took place when youth were at the cemetery in Ejura to bury one of their murdered colleagues with some injred yesterday by the joint security operatives.

For two (2) days the place have been hot in Ejura with two (2) persons reported dead following the death of Mohammed Kaaka, the social media activist.

He was reported to have been attacked on Monday morning while returning home at 1am for reportedly exposing the rot in Ejura which falls into the fix the country agenda.

The other two who were part of those who tried to demonstrate against the murder of Kaaka were also shot when the youth came face to face with the military.

Watch the video below:

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