Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Member of Parliament for Ejisu constituency, John Amposah Kumah has defended government’s decision to purchase cars for the 275 MPs in the country, adding that it is very necessary for the business of the legislators.

Speaking on May 10 edition of Citi TV’s Point of View, the deputy finance minister stated that he and his colleagues have no problem riding even bicycles to parliament to do their work, but was quick to ask if it will solve the country’s problem.

When the host, Bernard Avle asked if nurse can sit in a trotro to a hospital or clinic to save a live, why can’t an MP use the same means of transport, the Ejisu MP replied, “We haven’t said we are better than the nurses. But let tell you, the member of parliament bought the car with his own money.”

Not convinced, the host again asked that how does the member of parliament qualify for the loan, and if he can get the same opportunity.

“Are you saying that you are same as the member of parliament? there is a reason why he is a member of parliament. The car that he buys, he is buying it with his own money”, he emphasized.

“When he leaves power for 4 years, how muy does he take home? Is that the same the nurse take by working for 10 years”, Bernard Avle further asked.

“But you, at the end of every week, how many funerals do you attend? You don’t even attend any. The member of parliament has to attend about 10 funerals…”, the MP, lawyer John. Kumah asked.

There have been wide range of condemnation across various social media platforms over the government’s decision to procure V8 cars for the MPs worth of $28 million.

The Ghanaians believe the country is not financially sound to do this, calling on the Nana Addo led government to drop the decision ASAP.

Watch the video below:

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