Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Chief of Nakpali, a suburb of Zabzugu district in the northern region, Korili Naa, Mahama Mahama has lamented over failure of the management of Volta River Authority (VRA) to reconnect the community and its surroundings to the national grid after they were disconnected nearly three (3) weeks ago.

Speaking to Sagani TV’s Community Watch host, Inusah Hamza Lansah, the chief explained that he has made several attempts to resolve the impasse between his people and the VRA, but all has been in vain.

According to him, the claims by the company that its staff were beaten by his people for disconnecting some houses over non-payment of bills is can not be substantiated.

“This particular problem was a misunderstanding between a household and VRA staff (payment of bills). It came to a point during their struggle and the VRA staff said if the landlord of the house would not agree with them, they would remove their meter because it belonged to the company. So one of staff held the meter and pulled it out of where they fixed it”, Korili Naa explained.

“Then the owner of the house thought they were going to miss light and other benefits attached to it. Whiles they were struggling over the meter, the owner of the house said he owned the wires so if they are taking their meter he would also take his wires. So it was a question of ownership that were having. And now the manner VRA is dealing with the issue looks like we are not Ghanaians. As if we are tenants in our father’s house.”, he added.

He also revealed that he used his power as a chief to ensure nobody hurt the staff of the VRA where assigned to his community until police and MCE for the area came and they resolved the matter at his palace, only for him to told the people were needed at the police station.

The Chief told Inusah Hamza Lansah that he personally sent the people the VRA claimed assaulted their staff to the police station as requested, and their statement were taken and brought them back upon bail, and it has been almost 21 days when the communities continue to sleep in darkness.

Responding to the matter, VRA Public Relations Officer for the northern region, Alhassan Abaaba the people of Nakpali threatened to beat the area manager when he visited the community the following day over the issue.

When asked when lights will be restored in the area, he said he was unsure, because the safety of their staff matters, and untill there is assurance from the people that no harm will come to any officer assigned to community, he could not tell when.

Meanwhile, senior nurse in charge at the clinic, Nbimini Yaw Vasco expressed worry that the disconnection is affecting delivery of quality healthcare in the area.

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