Beautiful lady dumps smallish boyfriend for cheating


Female artist, Eudoxie Yao, has ended her relationship with Guinean artist Grand P.

She made the announcement on her Facebook page less than 24 hours ago, what many described as the ,”final decision”.

“Good evening… I inform you that my relationship with Grand P is over. I’m moving on. Thanks,” Eudoxie announced earlier today on social media.

This comes as a surprise given that the couple had made fans understand a wedding was at hand.

In finding reasons for the sudden break-up, Net Afrique reports that Grand P was accused of cheating for an umpteenth time . During his present stay in Ivory Coast, images have surfaced showing Grand P in ungodly positions with other women. Eudoxie Yao seems to have had enough after complaining severally in the past.

Eudoxie Yao and Grand P have been one of the most talked about couples on the African entertainment landscape over the last year or so.

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